Knowing me, knowing you

It’s no secret that this isn’t my first blog – in fact, I think this is my fourth reincarnation since I first signed up to Blogger in 2008. I get bored pretty easily. But the one thing that remains consistent is a post like this – something that explains a little bit more about me, without rambling on forever and a day. It’s a little bit juvenile and more than a little bit nosy, but I know I love finding out about other people, even strangers, so hopefully you do too.

Who are you? A reader, a writer, a friend, daughter, girlfriend and lover of all things pretty.

What is your name? Laura

Where do you live? Just now I’m in Glasgow, but originally from South London, with a spell in Aberdeen somewhere in between.

Who do you live with? My boyfriend.

What is your favourite colour? Pink. It’s just perfection.

Name three songs which you could not live without? Joni Mitchell – All I Want. Fleetwood Mac – Silver Springs. Eels – Fresh Feeling.

Name one person that you could not live without? My boy. And my mum.

What is on your walls? Not a huge amount, as we rent our flat. We have made room for some Parisian theatre prints and scenery, a pinboard or two and a lot of floral bunting.

What is the most treasured item in your wardrobe? Difficult, but probably a purple floral tea dress I bought when I was sixteen, and it’s still going strong now I’m twenty-two. There’s a lot of memories in that dress!

What are your favourite books? See my previous post for an answer to this.

Your favourite films? Some Like It Hot, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Clueless, 500 Days of Summer.

Who is your idol? I don’t really idolise anyone. I fall in love with a new person every few weeks, and they are my muse until the next one comes along.

Who is your style icon? Bloggers Carrie Harwood, Olivia Purvis and Cait Harrington, Alexa Chung, Audrey Hepburn, Sienna Miller, Francoise Hardy, Kate Middleton.

Which blogs are your favourites? What Olivia Did, Wish Wish Wish and Wayward Daughter are my favourites. I love personal style blogs.

Winter or summer? I do like the summer, but I love winter’s colour palette, crunchy leaves, dark nights and fairy lights.

Bare legs or tights? Black tights. So underestimated.

Long hair or short? Long!

Heels or flats? If I were shorter I’d live in heels. So flats in the day, teetering heels by night.

Favourite drink? Tea. Or an Emily Emily

Favourite food? Chicken, chocolate, cream teas, cake, biscuits, chips.

Your dream/goal? To do something that I’m proud to look back on.

Your hobby? Reading, writing, blogging, baking, sewing, shopping and socialising.

Your fear? Rejection and loneliness. Being out at night on my own, or in at night on my own.

Where were you last night? At home with my boy, eating homemade brownies and playing with my sewing machine.

Something you say all the time? Can I have a cup of tea?

Wishlist item? A white smock dress with a sailor collar, made by myself for extra satisfaction.

What are you wearing? A black floral playsuit, no tights and no shoes.

Pets? My own personal dog, Tilly, lives with my parents in London. At his parents’, my boy has three pugs, a Westie, a Persian cat, two regular cats and some chickens.

Favourite shop? ASOS, Topshop, Oliver Bonas and a good charity shop for a cheap thrill!


One thought on “Knowing me, knowing you

  1. adela cechova (@AdelaMissPink) says:

    I hate those follow for follow comments and this is nothing like that! but after reading this post I think you may like my blog and I hope you’ll check it out. It’s a personal style blog and Pink is my favourite colour (hence the name) like you said it’s the perfect colour 🙂
    Adela x

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