When I’m alone with only dreams of you


I’ve been promising myself all week that we’ll get outside and take some photos of pretty dresses and matching shoes, but somehow, the week has flown past and I simply haven’t had a spare second to whip out the camera, except for Instagram, of course.

So, here’s two little outfits that maybe deserved a proper photo, but a scrappy Insta-still will have to do for now. On the left we have a floral prom dress, turned into a high-waisted skirt after my chest and ribs shrunk and the dress hung loose. It needs a bit of tightening up around the waistband, but as this dress has been hanging unworn in the wardrobe for the last four years, I’m pleased it’s finally getting an outing again.

On the right, a Pins and Needles dress, bought from the lovely It’s Cohen. I’ve been lusting after those oversized sailor smock dresses from The Whitepepper, but alas, they’re currently out of my tiny clothing budget at a whopping £55. When I saw that this dress was for sale, I hopped straight on it – it’s a few sizes bigger than I would usually buy, so it’s absolutely perfect for the oversized look I’ve been loving recently. Plus, anything with a Peter Pan collar is a winner with me! I’m planning to recreate the pattern of this dress when I have a spare second, to make a whole collection of oversized smocks with cute collars. I can’t wait!

The week has been so busy as I’ve been ferreting away over at Nouvelle Daily, which I’ve been utterly loving. I was officially announced as Features Assistant on Tuesday and since then my email inbox has just exploded! I absolutely love writing about beauty products, and working with the lovely Kate – I just wish this could be a full time job! You can read my first article on the site right here – I hope you like it.

It’s not going to be much of a lazy weekend, as I’ll be spending the days at my dull real job. But I’m hoping for a few catch-up opportunities with friends and a relaxing Sunday evening, if nothing else! It just feels like I’m endlessly waiting for the moment when I can drop this horrible job and the horrible people I deal with, and do something that excites me and that I enjoy. Any ideas?


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