Things I’ve Bought Recently

This is an accumulation of all the pieces that have joined my wardrobe over the last month. I have to say, I’m utterly in love with all of them, and seeing as I didn’t pay anywhere near full price for any of them, I don’t feel even a twinge of guilt. Not even slightly.


Topshop Lace Prom Dress: £9, down from £50.

The first thing is this gorgeous lace prom dress, from the Topshop sale. I saw this first when I was busy buying the other Topshop dress in this collection, but I didn’t think to pick it up. I think it was reduced to about £30 then too. I left it and almost forgot about it, but then it kept popping up on my Instagram feed, looking delicious and reduced to £10. I had to have it. So, on Saturday after work, I raced through the city, scouring the two Topshops in hope of finding my size. Luckily, I found it, and with student discount, I secured it for a ridiculous £9. I have absolutely nowhere to wear this dress, and I don’t even care. It’s just scrumptious. I can’t wait to wear this with pretty little heels and a beehive, and a slick of some equally delightful peaches-and-cream lipstick.


River Island Polka Dot Dress: £4 down from £40.

The polka-dot black dress is probably another of the biggest bargains. I was early for a meeting a few weeks ago, so decided to kill some time in the River Island sale. I didn’t see anything I liked – River Island is a mass of ugly shoes and Aztec prints just now, which is fine if you like that sort of thing. I definitely don’t. I was just about to leave when, in the crush of clothes beside the door, I spotted white polka dots. I dived in (almost literally, the amount on the rail was unbelievable) and pulled out this little number. When I saw it was a size 6, I almost dismissed it. Then I saw it had a price tag of £4, and I started to think about it more seriously. I tried it on, and somehow, it fit like a glove. Thank the Lord for River Island’s wholly inaccurate sizing! It actually looks much better on than it does on a hanger. It’s a very 50’s shape, with a boned bodice that really nips you in, and the skirt kicks out properly for a real hourglass shape. I can’t wait to wear this on a dinner date with my boy, while the weather still allows for a sundress! I’m planning to pair it with black suede heeled sandals, and a black and white laser-cut clutch bag for a monochrome look.


Pins and Needles dress: £3.50 from eBay.

In recent months, you too may have fallen in love with the smock dresses from The Whitepepper. There’s something gloriously girlie and childish about them, as well as looking very retro in the best possible way. I had fallen head over heels for a particularly sailor-inspired one, but at £55, it just wasn’t happening. Then I saw that Rebecca was having a little sale on eBay, and out of curiosity, I had a quick nose. She had listed this navy and cream smock dress for pennies, and it was perfect. It’s a few sizes bigger than i would normally buy, but for that oversized look I’ve been craving, it is perfect. I love the Peter Pan collar and the softness of the jersey. I’ve worn it a few times already, with bare legs and dolly shoes, for the ultimate in six-year-old chic.


Topshop Boutique Striped Dress: £30, down from £70.

Ah, this dress. I was passing Topshop early into the sale season, and I knew that if I went in, I would buy something, although I couldn’t afford to. Of course I went in, and fell irrevocably in love with this candy-striped creation in white and soft pink. There was only one in my size, so I skipped off to the changing room, half-hoping it looked horrific on me, so that I wouldn’t be able to buy it. Of course, I fell even deeper once I was twirling around the changing room in it. I handed over my money there and then, and promised myself that I would use the birthday money coming from my grandparents to pay myself back for it. That’s exactly what I did, and I wore it on my birthday to prove it. It’s a pretty special dress, and dry-clean only, so I can’t really wear it every day, but I can’t wait for another special occasion to get it out and twirl some more!


River Island Spot Collar Dress: £8 from eBay.

This River Island spotty dress was out a good couple of years ago now. I really liked it at the time, but £40 for River Island’s quality felt a bit too steep for me. By the time I decided I wanted it enough to not worry, it had sold out everywhere. It’s popped up on eBay a few times over the years, either in the wrong sizes, or ended up the target of a bidding frenzy that left me out in the cold. So when I spotted it on eBay last month, I knew this time it would be mine. I missed the original listing deadline, but luckily, so had everybody else. I missed it by minutes, so quickly emailed the seller and luckily, she agreed to sell it to me at the starting price of £8. I was thrilled! This is obviously a very A/W dress, so I haven’t been able to wear it yet, but I can’t wait. This, thick tights and ankle boots – achingly cool.


Primark Printed Trousers: £5, down from £15.

I bought these trousers on a whim this week, whilst browsing the Primark sale rails. They have a good selection of printed trousers in the sale just now, but nothing really tickled my fancy until I spotted these. They are very similar to a pair that was doing the rounds in Zara a few months ago, but obviously much cheaper. I loved the navy print, with touches of golden yellow throughout. I also love the strip of navy down the sides of the legs, which breaks up the print nicely and stops them looking too pyjama-ish. They are great relaxed fit, perfect for a lazy day when you want to look good but can’t be bothered putting the effort in. That’s most days, then. I wore this with a slim-fit camisole and a leather jacket yesterday, which complemented the loose fit of the trousers but kept the look sexy and sharp. I also wore some huge geek-chic glasses, which were less sexy and sharp but a lot of fun!


Primark Patent Pumps: £6, down from £16.

Finally, some new shoes! I am a slave to ballet flats and I always regret them – why must they be so uncomfortable?! There’s no support in them, nothing, but they always look so cute and pretty. I decided I needed something a little more grown-up in the flats department, something with a little heel, and a little finesse. Then, whilst on the second storey of the Primark sale, I found these, which are ideal for my needs. Black patent is always perfect for anything, as far as I’m concerned, and the pretty scalloped edging is just delightful, as is the bow on the front. Best of all, there’s a nice little heel on them, which helps support the feet and stops you getting that horrible burning on the ball of your foot. Plus, they look so chic!

So, that’s my wardrobe update so far. Already the rail in my wardrobe is bending and groaning slightly under the weight of everything – at this rate I’ll have to start moving stuff out in to the wardrobes of our spare room! Oh dear. Have you picked up anything gorgeous in the sales?


2 thoughts on “Things I’ve Bought Recently

  1. Fern says:

    I’ve loved that first topshop dress for so long, but didn’t buy it on the grounds of having nowhere to wear it. It’s so pretty though. The second dress is gorgeous too, you can’t beat polka dot! x

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