Party in the Park

Nearly a month has passed since my last post – how on earth did that happen? Things have been so manic here, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be calming down anytime soon. My boy has been too busy to take photos, and I’ve been too busy to dress up for them! Alas, somehow we managed to get a few hours to ourselves on Wednesday afternoon, and while the sun was still shining, thought we’d take a walk (and some photos) in the magnificent Kelvingrove Park.

This was quite an exciting day for me – an exciting week too. I started a temporary job at my university on Monday, writing marketing material and getting all creative, and enjoying being a grown-up at a real job. Then on Wednesday, I had a second interview with a fantastic PR agency not far from me. I fell in love from the first interview, and even more so when they revealed they had an office dog – I’m serious. The interview went well, and within the hour, they phoned to tell me the job was mine if I wanted it! I start on Monday as an Account Executive (sounds a lot flashier than it probably is) and I cannot wait. These photos were all taken with half an hour of the job offer, hence the stupid grin and the enormous celebratory milkshake!





My top is a leotard/body from Primark, and my skirt is homemade – crafted from an old Oasis prom dress that had gotten too big for me. Hopefully now I’m earning I can afford to go and buy a huge amount of material and get on with homemaking clothes for winter! I have so many ideas for what I want to wear, but I think I just invent and imagine them, as they are nowhere to be found. The only solution is to learn how to get crafty and do it myself, with my trusty blue sewing machine. I digress.

We finished off the walk with a quick stop-off at one of our favourite jaunts – Tribeca. It’s a great little New York diner in the heart of the West End, five minutes from our flat. The queues here over the weekend are normally insane, but it’s worth it. They sell huge pancake stacks and the most delicious ice-cream milkshakes, so I had to indulge and treat myself a little…!

Overall, I’m just so relieved that I finally have a “proper” job. I finished university in May, and graduated in July, so really the turnaround has been incredibly quick (most graduates don’t find a degree-related or career-related job in under ten months, apparently) and I’ve been incredibly lucky, but it has felt like the longest four months of my life. I’m an incessant worrier, and the  prospect of living on a part-time wage forever was haunting me a little. But I kept busy all summer, working as a researcher, then writing for Nouvelle Daily, and working for my university too. I’m happy now that I have something of my own that I can settle into and really make something of. Wish me luck!


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