Updating my Wardrobe for Autumn (and Work!)

This has been one whirlwind of a week for me! If you read my last post, you will have seen that I managed to get myself a proper job, and a pretty fabulous one at that. I started on Monday, and have had the most fantastic week, learning the ropes of an exciting job in the company of a group of lovely people. And what better way to celebrate my first ‘official’ weekend than to go out and buy some work-friendly, autumnal updates for my ever-growing wardrobe?


There isn’t really a dress code per se in the office – more a case of anything goes, as long as it’s decent and it’s not denim. No problem – I think I’ve worn denim twice this year so far, if that. So when I wrote my list, I wanted some slightly smarter basics, and some pretty but fairly casual pieces too, that could be dressed up or down depending on the need. I’ve been excited about shopping for Autumn clothes for months – Summer is all well and good, but Autumn is my one true love.

I started out in Forever 21, where I never normally venture. I quite like the Oxford Street branch for when I’m at home, but then again, when I’m home, I don’t like to go shopping on Oxford Street! The new store opened in Glasgow about six months ago and I’ve barely been inside; it’s enormous, and if you’re not dedicated, it’s boring and daunting and bright and tiresome. However, if you’re in the mood for a treasure hint, it’s really quite exciting. I was on the lookout for a grey marl smock dress, and that’s exactly what I found. It’s a few sizes larger than I would buy, but that means it gives me the fit (or lack of) that I was looking for. It was also incredibly cheap at £11.50. I’m not normally one for a slouchy fit, but these kinds of dresses just scream comfort, and that’s what I want if I’m in the same place for eight hours a day.

Also from Forever 21, the boots. I have two pairs of black ankle boots already (three if you include wellies) but neither are practical – one pair is glitter-encrusted, the other are platforms. I wanted a great pair of black ankle boots that would look cool with a dress in the daytime, but I certainly wasn’t expecting to find them so quickly. These boots are soft and just the right amount of slouchy, and I love the gold clip detail at the back. They were just £17.50 in the sale, so I was more than happy to slide them into my basket. I cannot wait to wear these, and I think they will be on my feet everyday for the foreseeable future, except when it rains of course… Yep, not so practical after all.

I couldn’t resist this little hair bow either, it’s just darling and was so cheap that I couldn’t leave it behind. Lord knows I love a hair bow!
I wandered aimlessly for a while after this point, trying on several pieces in River Island, New Look and Topshop, before running into Primark to get some tights, and, classically, leaving with a whole lot more. This blue paisley jacket is a little dream. A girl in my office actually wore this on Thursday for her leaving do, and I loved it on sight. When I spotted it hanging lonely on a rail yesterday, I rushed over to try it on. I love it – it’s maybe not something I would normally choose, but I love the colour, the pattern and the fit. It will work over black dresses/tops and skirts for an injection of colour at work, and will dress up those non-existent jeans.

Sticking to a paisley theme, I also bought this cute little tea dress. I loved everything about it – the colour, the cut, the print, the works. It’s exactly the kind of thing I want to wear to work – feminine and fun but not too over the top.

Finally, the love of my wardrobe – the fluffy jumper. I’ve seen the Topshop cropped version floating about, but I can’t see the point of a cropped jumper for Autumn. I tried on a similar version in New Look, but the cheap dry-clean-only merino shed everywhere and the fit was pretty shabby. Disparate, I never thought Primark would offer me up the perfect jumper. Yes, it’s nylon (as is the Topshop one), but as far as I’m concerned, that means I can wash it, and that can only be a good thing. The fit is also perfect, the colour is just the right shade of candyfloss, and it’s so soft and so warm. It’s just £10 – I can definitely see myself popping in to buy another in a different colour, black or sky blue perhaps. I wore this today with a houndstooth pencil skirt, chunky Chelsea boots and a beribboned ponytail – my dream outfit.

I’m so thrilled with my A/W purchases (there’s a few more, but they’re all quite basic) and have ordered a few things that I’m waiting for too. I can’t wait to wear everything, paired with a trench coat and an umbrella, of course. I just love Autumn.


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