It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

This is always such an exciting time of year for me – I love nothing more than the run-up to Christmas, those last few weeks where excitement builds to fever pitch, buying decorations and presents and cards and everything else that comes with it. As of last night, our Christmas tree is up, as I simply couldn’t wait any longer. It’s a real clash of colours, textures and themes, but I love how homely and sweet it looks all thrown together. Now all it needs is the presents to be placed beneath, waiting for Christmas Day!

To really get us into the Christmas spirit, Lewis and I decided to go along to the Country Living Christmas Show today. I was kindly sent some free tickets, and even though I spent last weekend at the Ideal Home Show Christmas in London (for work, not play!), I really felt the need to get my Christmas on and see what goodies we could come across.

ImageImageHat – Primark. Coat – New Look. Scarf – Vintage. Jumper – Primark. Skirt – River Island. Bag – Zara. Boots – Dune.

As you *might* have noticed, it’s bitterly cold now, and days out require expert outfit planning for utmost comfort, without looking like you’ve been swaddled. This cosy fluffy pink jumper from Primark is perfect for chilly days, as it’s just so warm and soft, and looks great against a leather skirt, like this one from River Island. In my opinion, there’s no point dressing nice if you’re not comfortable with it, so this was a great outfit for a Sunday afternoon when popping in and out of the warmth. I also love the fedora hat; it’s taken me a while to wear it out without feeling self-conscious, but I love the extra dash of effortless style it adds to an outfit.

I came away with a present for my Grandad, but not much else; while the fair was beautiful, lots of things were handmade/homemade/Pinterest copies, and I would rather have the enjoyment of making them myself than buying them. So while I didn’t buy anything, I came away with plenty of ideas for some more Christmas crafting!


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