My Sale Purchases

I do love a good sale. In fact, I’d estimate that approximately 70% of my wardrobe is made up of items bought at a discounted price. I think it’s a combination of a thrifty eye and an incurable dose of indecisiveness; by the time I’ve made up my mind that I want something, it’s either sold out or in the sale. So yes, post-Christmas sales are a bit of an adventure in my house! Eventually, however, I braved both online and instore sales, and came away with some serious bargains that I’m ecstatic with. Let’s take a little look…


Clockwise: Coral coat – Topshop. Blue skirt – Topshop. Samsung tablet – John Lewis. Ankle strap shoes – Topshop. Pink shoes – ASOS. Black dress – ASOS.

I began my sales shopping on the 20th of December, when curiosity led me directly to the ASOS sale. I knew that I had £30 from my grandparents as a Christmas gift, so this was definitely in the back of my mind as I perused the categories. It’s one of those things, money as a gift; if you don’t spend it on something nice immediately, it ends up being spent on groceries or kitchen cleaner. Luckily, this wasn’t to be this year, as I spent the first half of the money within minutes, when I stumbled upon this beautiful Pop Boutique minidress, which I’ve been lusting after for a while. It was just £15 in the sale, and I couldn’t turn it down. I love the crochet lace-trimmed pointed collar and cuffs, I love the pearly buttons, I love the slight flare of the skirt. Image

Seconds after that (I’m serious, I’m a fast sales shopper!), I clicked through to the Stereo heels, another little bargain which went straight into the basket. I’ve been planning on making much more of an effort with the way I dress, and want to make sure that I look how I want to look, instead of wearing whatever is closest or most comfortable. And with that, comes elegant shoes rather than artfully scuffed ankle boots. This blush-pink pair is definitely what I was looking for in a shoe, with a neutral colour, low block heel, and a bit of detailing in the form of a metal cuff around the heel. They were just £14 in the sale, and I can see myself getting a huge amount of wear out of them once Spring arrives! Image

Next up, was the Topshop sale. It’s an inevitable destination when you’re sale shopping, and although I didn’t commit to anything whilst perusing online, in-store was a whole other matter. I watched Populaire on Monday night, and suddenly fell completely back in love with 1950s/60s inspired dressing, with big skirts and pastels galore! This did not serve me well when I wound up in Topshop the next day, arms suddenly laden with all manner of shiny, pale and pretty things.

One item that I bought, completely without meaning to, was this beautiful coral wool coat. I saw it on a rack in a size 16, and thought about how pretty it was. Then, I spotted it on the size 8 rail, and snatched it up, almost without thinking. I relished the looks of envy as I danced off to the changing room in it, where I then spent approximately half an hour wondering whether to buy it or not. I did, of course. It’s a beautiful colour, which looks more orange in these photos, but really it’s a fresh, true coral. It fits like a glove, and I couldn’t help imagining how cute it would look when the weather cheers up ever so slightly. I don’t actually have a Spring coat (bar a classic trench, which really needs a thorough dry-clean!) and this is a perfect piece for achieving that retro, elegant look that I want to emulate. It was also half price in the sale, at £45, down from £98. A little bit of a bargain, I must say!Image

Another thing that Populaire lit off within me was the renewed lust for the skirt of the season, that powder-blue midi from Topshop. I refused to buy it at full price, as £50 for something you can’t wear very often is a bit of a steep price for me. I then saw it in the sale about six weeks ago, in a size 10, for £25. I did consider it, and almost bought it, but it had one rather large black footprint on the back from some inelegant creature stumbling all over it in the changing room (for once, not me!), so I put it back. On Tuesday morning, I needed to own this skirt like never before. I didn’t imagine I would find it. I had enquired about slightly damaged ones on eBay, such was my need, but I tracked it down fairly easily in-store, to my shock. It was a size 16, and the last one in Glasgow, and by the way the assistant was talking, the world. It was £10. I bought it anyway, and spent Wednesday evening, well ten minutes of it, briefly snipping, pinning and sewing it, so that it now fits like a dream. My favourite buy of the sales, perhaps! I love the high waist for a flattering fit, and the full skirt feels incredibly glamorous too. I can’t wait to wear this, well, anywhere!

I also bought another very pretty pair of shoes in Topshop, which are just sneaking into the above photo, but seen properly a few images up. I’ve been longing for a little pair of ankle-strap pumps with a miniature heel, and when these popped into view, for just £12, I couldn’t resist! They fit beautifully, and are just that extra bit special compared to a normal pair of pumps. I think they’ll look gorgeous paired with the blue skirt, as well as with the Pop Boutique dress for a retro-chic look!

Finally, my biggest commitment buy to date; a tablet. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting one for quite a while. My boyfriend has has his iPad a year and wouldn’t be without it, while I spend my evenings or long journeys peering into my tiny little phone screen. Something hit me over Christmas, and I just decided that if I wanted one, I should get one. I got a cheeky little Christmas bonus, and thought, why on earth not?! I decided to go for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, with an 8-inch screen. I have a Samsung Galaxy phone and love the simplicity of it, and the tablet looked just as good. After doing some research, and with a bit of luck, I bought it from John Lewis last weekend, for the bargain price of £149! It was around £120 cheaper than other retailers pre-Christmas, and definitely the cheapest in the Christmas sales. So far, I’m loving using it over my phone; it makes blog reading and general browsing so much nicer, and it will come into its own when I start back at work, with my frequent jaunts up and down the country and long train rides, for watching films and TV (Netflix, I love you!).

So, there we have it; my Christmas sale buys. And now, my friends, consider me on a spending ban for the foreseeable future. After I pay for a dressmaking course, that is….


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