I would hold you there in my cold heart, feel the way it used to start.

It’s been a funny week. The first one back at work, and it’s not been without its ups and downs. It’s mainly been a struggle to comprehend that it’s no longer acceptable to lay in until 10am, then meander about all day in pyjamas, watching re-runs of The Great British Bake-Off. I’ve tried to do a bit more with my week, as per my resolutions, but I think I can safely say I haven’t really achieved any of them this week. Lewis was ill for the most part of the week, so we stayed in every night until Friday, only venturing out to friends for dinner. That being the case, I was determined to make the most of the weekend, and I think we managed quite alright.


Saturday was charged with the task of finding a beautiful dress pattern; I’m beginning a dressmaking course next week and I want to make something I’ll really love. Luckily, I found an original 1960s dress pattern in a vintage store just off of Byres Road, which is super-cute and should be perfect for altering slightly to suit the dream dress lurking in my imagination. Finding a pattern was also an excuse to take a day out and spend it wandering around the West End. Glasgow is a great city, but there’s something about the West End that’s just glorious; it’s full of gorgeous houses, quirky shops, magnificent churches and the stunning Kelvingrove Park. We are very fortunate to be able to live somewhere so lovely, and I don’t often feel that we make the most of it, so Saturday was a prime opportunity to get out and open our eyes to the surroundings we have.


We stopped off at the Curler’s Rest for a delicious lunch (Gloucester Old Spot sausages and beer/mustard mash, heavenly), and then wandered back through the park to go home, where we curled up for a quick catnap –  a perfect lazy Saturday indeed!Image

I wore one of my favourite sale buys, a coral wool coat from Topshop. I only dared to start wearing it on Friday, but it hasn’t left my side all weekend – I absolutely love it! I paired it with a green tartan dress from Primark – I bought it a few months ago, after passionately declaring my undying hatred for tartan – and it’s been one of my favourite pieces since. The only thing I don’t like about it is the funny placement of the sleeves, which are cut so you can’t really move your arms too much. Once I know my way around a dress pattern a bit better I think I’ll look into altering this, to make sure it’s as comfortable as it is pretty.



I also wore burgundy suede heeled pumps, also from Primark, as a nod to dressing a little bit more like a grown-up and a little bit less like a toddler. I know some people hate the matchy-matchy thing, but I love the fact the shoes match perfectly with my burgundy Zara handbag, and also my lipstick. If it’s good enough for the Queen…

Overall I really like this look – halfway through the photos I realised my printed blue scarf didn’t really go, but once I took that off, I really liked the contrast of wintry green and burgundy against a pop of sunny coral. I can see me getting an awful lot of wear out of this coat come Spring!




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