2014 Resolutions – An Update!

So, it’s been just over a month since I sat down with my little notebook and pen, and started thinking about what I’d like to do with myself this year. So far, so good, and I’ve begun making little ticks from the list here and there! Here’s what I’ve been getting up to so far this month, whilst on my journey of self-improvement…

Resolution #3 – Watch Twenty New Films

Well, I’ve ticked one off the list. We were supposed to go to the cinema every week this month, but Lewis was unwell for most of January, so that fell by the wayside a little. However, last week we did manage to go and see The Wolf Of Wall Street – and it was brilliant! Shocking, a little bit crude and very stark, but also very funny and thought-provoking. Next week, American Hustle or Inside Llewyn Davis!

Resolution #8 – Learn Conversational French

This month, I’ve been inspired, and I have finally committed to setting some time aside to properly learn French! As I said, I had some prior knowledge, thanks to a three-year course back in school, but most of that was buried right in the depths of my brain, leaving only useful phrases which actually aren’t very useful at all. However, thanks to the discovery of the Duolingo app, I’ve been rediscovering the language of love and doing quite well at it too! The app’s course takes you through small stages of the language, one step at a time, thoroughly covering each area, and allowing you to practise writing in French, translating into English and speaking too. I’m doing well at it, and as it reminds you to repeat stages where the words may be easily forgotten, I feel like I’ve really made some progress and can actually remember what words mean, and how tenses and word genders work! Souhaiter moi bonne chance!

Resolution #9 – Spend More Time with My Mum

Ok, this is a little misleading, as I’ve not actually seen my mum this month (sob!). I have, however, put the British Airways sale to fantastic use and booked some very cheap flights home to hang out with her next month. I’m heading off for a long weekend in mid-March, and I’m already finding myself counting down the weeks in my mind. We were supposed to go to Paris in the Spring, but due to some unexpected family things, we’re now just keeping it local, so I can head home to London for the weekend instead, and keep Paris for another time. We’re going to enjoy our time together thoroughly, and already I’m thinking about when we can next make arrangements!

Resolution #10 – Write at least Ten Chapters of My Novel

I’ve been progressing quite well with this one! As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve taken to spending nights curled up on the couch, writing in my beautiful little Moleskine – and that scribbling away has turned into one solid, thorough, cohesive (and, dare I say it, quite good!) chapter of my story. I’m especially proud as it’s a very difficult thing to write, subject-wise, and it’s taken a lot of motivation to push myself to really throw myself into it. It’s a story based on the biggest heartbreak of my life, should you want to know, and it’s proving a cathartic experience thus far, as well as a tricky one. But as Hemingway said, “Write hard and clear about what hurts”. I’ll do my best.

Resolution #14 – Indulge Creativity More Often

It’s a fairly self-explanatory one, but I think I’ve been doing ok at walking away from the TV or the tablet, and finding something else to do with my time. This month, I’ve done a lot of painting furniture, sewing and writing, and I’m hoping that this only increases in the coming months!

Resolution #15 – Make More of an Effort with Weekday Appearance

This one has been fun! Instead of getting up ten minutes earlier to dither over outfit choices, I’ve been setting aside half an hour on a Sunday night to choose outfits for the week, with the help of the Evernote app. It’s made pulling outfits together a much more thoughtful process, and I’ve had time to consider new options and combinations, as well as what’s practical and comfortable. I’ve even gone as far as selecting corresponding hairdos and make-up looks – now that’s dedication.

And the ones that haven’t gone so well…

Resolution #1 – Visit 5 Places I’ve Never Been to Before

Resolution #2 – Read 12 New Books

Resolution #4 – Achieve a Healthy Body and Lifestyle

Resolution #11 – Shop Less

Resolution #13 – Weekly Date Night

I’ll try and do better next month, but I think it’s encouraging to assess achievements, however small, and evaluate what still needs to be done. Bring on the rest of February, I’m ready for you!


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