Halfway Highlights

So, it’s halfway through 2014 already (when did that happen?!), and I thought I’d have a little look back and think about the great things that have happened so far this year. Despite starting out on an unsure footing, things have gotten better and better this year, both for myself and for Lewis, and it looks like the only way is up (anyone else singing it now?).

Both at work and at home, I’ve been able to do some cool things this year. So let’s begin our little skip down memory lane…Image

Workwise, I hit a bit of a peak early on this year. I opened up my copy of Vogue, and lo and behold, some samples that I sent (and suggested, which is maybe the best bit) were on a model, in a beautiful black-and-white editorial. It didn’t really sink in for a while, but now I get that it was a pretty big deal. I followed that up with a second surprise in April, when again, they used samples I sent in a second editorial – incredible! I’m so proud of them and will have them framed in the office as soon as I get around to it! So Ab Fab, darling.

I followed that up with a trip back home to London in April, to have a meeting in Vogue House itself, with the wonderful team at Glamour magazine. Sartorially, that was a stressful day. I eventually went with a tulle Topshop black midi and sparkly ankle-strap shoes, in case you were wondering. This is supposed to be a fashion blog, apres tout. But it was a fantastic meeting and a fantastic opportunity, and promises to be the first of many like it this year. I’d better stock up on A/W14 trends, stat.

In my own personal time, I went to two amazing gigs this year – the first was back in March, to see Haim for the second time, but for my first time at the iconic Barrowlands ballroom. This is something of a Glasgow institution, and it’s taken me three whole years of living here to get to go. Shocking. But it was amazing, and completely reaffirmed my love for them and my desire to have skinny thighs.

The second was utterly, out-of-this-world-blow-your-socks-off-amazing. Last month, I was lucky enough to get tickets for the man, the myth, the utter legend, Prince. I could have cried. It was only two weeks between buying tickets and the gig itself – which was just as well, as I spoke about it and played ‘Purple Rain’ every day in the run-up. The night itself was incredible. We danced and danced and sang along and never wanted to leave. It felt something like a once-in-a-lifetime thing, but I really hope that it wasn’t.

I’ve seen a lot of my friends, and an awful lot of my family this year, which makes me ecstatic, as those things are usually so rare. In six months, I’ve seen my parents three times, and will do again next month, and in August too. I love spending my time with them as I see them so little – I’m sure the wonder would wear off should I see them once a week! But it’s been great – we’ve spent lots of time with Lewis’ side of the family too, which we’re trying to get better at doing.

And next month, the fun really begins! We are going on my long-awaited second trip to Paris, to celebrate my 23rd birthday in the city of lights. We’re renting a glorious little apartment for the week, in Le Marais, and I plan on spending the entire week eating patisserie and steak, buying vintage clothing by the kilo and wandering around to find our own favourite places. We did all the touristy things last time (except the Sacre Coeur, which my bare shoulders forbade us to go into), so we have free rein this time to do whatever we please. I do want a second trip up the Eiffel Tower this time though – I cried the whole way last time as I was so scared of the height, but now I want a happy experience too!

We come back just in time for me to have a second birthday with my family (they don’t know about this yet, but it’s totally happening), and then we have a week at home, before flying back down to London for a very happy occasion. My very best friend in all the world, for over half of my life, is getting married! They got engaged back in April (moonlit proposal in Egypt, self-designed ring, the whole enchilada), and we’re so excited to celebrate with them at their engagement party in August. I haven’t seen the Mrs-to-be since last October, so this really will be a treat. We’ve bought them the cutest gift, but unfortunately I can’t spill the beans in case she reads this! I cried when she told me and I’ve been emotional about it ever since. If anyone deserves to be happy, it’s my best girl, and she’s got the best man for the job.

End of August, we have a week down in London again, this time to just chill out, see some family, do whatever. And then, once September comes around, who knows? That’s all part of the excitement…!


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