An Afternoon in the Park



Top: Forever 21. Skirt: Primark. Bag: Vintage. Shoes: Topshop.

It’s not often I feel very happy in the clothes I wear to work – something I’m working on, honestly. Despite having a very full wardrobe, crammed with pieces I love to wear, a lot of it doesn’t feel ‘work appropriate’; a bit silly for an office that doesn’t really have a dress code. I normally find myself wearing something pretty stiff and formal (for me, anyway), and I’m not always happy with my choice.

However, I picked this outfit out, and I really liked it. The right mix of casual and cool – enough to look like I work in fashion (I think?) without feeling fussy, overdressed or just plain silly. All in all, the ideal outfit to work all day in, and then wander around the park in too.

I’m working on building a more transitional wardrobe – I read a’My Closet’ piece with a writer from Company magazine, who explained there was no difference between her weekday and weekend wardrobe. This is what I need! So I’m currently satiating my hunger for a whole new closet with some serious second-hand bargains, via eBay and my new obsession, Depop. Currently winging its way to me are a Topshop heart print dress (perfect with chunky ankle boots and a fedora), a cream scalloped Asos dress (ideal for weekend dinners or work events) and a white crochet mini dress (pretty much anything, anywhere). I’m also planning to stock up on some beautiful vintage pieces in Paris later this month – birthday money well spent, I’d say!!


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