A Very Windy Afternoon





Dress: Topshop via eBay. Jacket: Internacionale. Hat: Primark. Bag: Primark. Boots: Topshop.

It’s summer, apparently. Well, it’s most certainly not here in Glasgow. This, one of my favourite autumnal outfits, was the optimum choice to wear this week – that should tell you all you need to know. I recently rediscovered this dress within the depths of my wardrobe, and have pretty much fallen head over heels back in love with it. It’s so easy to wear and pretty, without being too cutesy (although, who am I kidding – I love cutesy).

We took these photos at the end of a very long and dreary week for me – certainly not one of my best, and it appears that the weather matched my mood entirely. You know those days (or weeks, as it were) where everything you do goes wrong, nothing goes according to plan, and then, just to surprise you, some sneaky little bits come out of the blue and bite you as well? It was one of those. My god, am I glad it’s the weekend.

I’ve been working hard to cheer myself up in the evenings after a full five days of utter crap, and I think it’s paid off in the end. I indulged in a few extra episodes of Mad Men (nearing the end now, only two full seasons left to go!), and went to my friends’ for dinner and plenty of wine. I think it’s good to let off some steam when you feel like you might utterly combust, as I have felt many a time this week. And to think, I had such high hopes for July…

I’m keeping optimistic – only two more weeks of work, and then a whole week off, where Lewis and I are going to Paris for my birthday, and then going home to London for a few days, to see family and celebrate with friends. Things are definitely looking up as the week has moved on, and a long, luxurious weekend has been just what I needed to get me appreciating the good things again. Now, if you’ll excuse me, a cup of tea and series six are waiting for me…!


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