An Impromptu Haul

I was fully intending on shopping this weekend, definitely. Whether I intended on spending £50 in Boots is quite another matter, but it certainly gave me the kick to think ‘what the hell’, and buy whatever I fancied. And I’m pretty pleased with my lot – who cares about eating toast for the rest of the month anyway?!


Dress: Topshop. Grey tee: Primark. Black stripe tee: H&M. Blue stripe tee: H&M.

First up, clothes. I’ve had a bit of spree this week online (Depop, you are my new best friend), but I’ll save that for another post – it’ll be a good’un, honest. But I still needed a few basic bits and pieces to supplement my wardrobe; I have lots of statement skirts, for example, but a very limited collection of tees and tops to pair them with. I bought this soft, slubby grey marl t-shirt from Primark for £4. It’s definitely more casual than I would usually wear, but I thought paired with heeled boots or pretty sandals, and one of my array of midi skirts, it would work well and keep me from looking overdone. It will also be fab for lazy Sundays, with pumps and rolled-up jeans. We were all thinking it.

My obsession with striped tops (and dresses, actually), continues, with these two purchases from H&M. I spotted this pretty blue and white cropped tee first, and loved it – although I am wary of the amount of skin I’ll be baring, so this one is strictly for high-waisted outfits only. It was just £6.99, but I think it’s really fresh and summery, and will look perfect with a full white midi skirt or high-waisted trousers. I also liked this black striped crop, with longer sleeves – it’s a bit of a dressier take on a cropped t-shirt, and there’s not often a day that goes by when I’m not wistfully wishing I was wearing black.

Pretty in pink for me, with this lovely little Topshop jersey dress! I nearly bought this a few weeks ago, when it was still full price, but I’m glad I didn’t as it only cost me £5 today. I think this will be great for work, as well as for weekends – it’s dressy enough and comfy enough to work anytime for me. I love the candy pink colour and the flattering cut too.


White shorts: Primark.

**Boring buy alert** but they’re clothes, so they had to be included. A few dresses I have to wear this summer are a little too short for my liking. A little too cavalier. So I took the step of buying these plain white shorts as a precautionary measure, so I can still wear the pretty dresses with bare legs, but I now no longer run the risk of showing off more than I’d like to.


Plimsolls and pumps: Primark.

Shoes-wise, I liked these nude patent pointed courts as they were almost the same as the shoes I was wearing when I bought them, but less battered, of course. And the plain white canvas pumps are for our Paris trip – I’ve learned from bitter experience than pretty ballerina flats do not make happy feet, when said feet are trotting about for nine hours at a time. Comfort is key, and I like how these look so 1950s when paired with cropped trousers or dresses.


So, beauty. I always have that completely infuriating thing where all of my makeup runs out at exactly the same time. Every few months, without fail, I end up dashing off to Boots and spending an absolute fortune – and forgetting my Advantage card too, well done Laura. Here is this months’ spree, hopefully the last for quite some time!

Bourjois Happy Light Primer: I like an illuminating base, and this came recommended by the very glowiest of friends.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer: A staple. Very easy to blend out, thick enough to feel substantial, but never too cakey or drying.

Bourjois Cream Blush: I’m very pleased with this very impromptu purchase. I planned to buy my staple No.7 blusher bullet, but spied this soft rose shade and loved it. Very creamy, velvety formula that blends into a soft flush of natural colour. It’s love.

L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara: Something new for me. My trusty Bourjois Volume Clubbing has been letting me down these last few weeks, as it constantly smears under my eyes. Not a good look. This mascara has been recommended for its staying power, as well as its ability to give me wide-eyed, dolly lashes. I’ll report back on if it gives me Twiggy-esque eyes.

Rimmel Match Perfection Translucent Powder: My secret obsession. Perfect for setting makeup all day, but leaves you with a soft glow and no chalkiness at all. A must-have for me!

Garnier Micellar Water: I love this for removing makeup in a flash, what more can I say?

So, there’s my spend-up for this month, and it’s safe to say I probably won’t be buying anything else until Paris. Then, I’ll come back with a suitcase stuffed with vintage dresses and Bioderma, and I’ll write another one of these dedicated to it – I seriously cannot wait.


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