Lazy Dresser




Top: New Look. Jeans: M&S. Bag: Vintage. Shoes: Internacionale. Dog: Not my own, sadly.

I’ve always loved the city – I grew up in inner London, accustomed to bright lights, blaring sirens and 24-hour conveniences at every corner. When we moved to Aberdeenshire seven years ago (seven!) I couldn’t sleep for the silence in the tiny little village we set up home in; in fact, it was barely two years before I moved into my own place, right off of the main street in Aberdeen. The same when we moved to Glasgow; we’ve never been more than ten minutes from the city centre, making quick (or invariably, not so quick) shopping trips altogether too easy.

We usually walk to the city centre; it’s more convenient than the train and nicer than the stuffy subway, and it’s an enjoyable walk, with plenty of tree-lined streets and the option to meander through the park too, as well as the almost constant presence of some very interesting characters – like this little cutie of a dog. I wore this outfit on a wander into central Glasgow on one of my more casual days, but it was also an outfit very much pre-decided by the weather. When you’re not sure if it’s rain or shine, a blouse and jeans is the safest way to go. In any case, most days in Glasgow, it’s rain. The constant presence of an emergency umbrella is a must.

These, by the way, are the comfiest jeans known to man. M&S, with a high (elasticated!!!!) waist, they’re like wearing pyjama bottoms  – unbelievably soft and stretchy, without compromising on cling and doing that awkward baggy-knee/bum thing. I don’t “do” jeans – anything that restrictive is unwelcome in my wardrobe – but these I could wear most days and be happy. I’m trying to hunt down a second pair just like them, perhaps in blue, but no luck yet. Why is it that your ideal item is always discontinued just after you find it?!

I digress. But comfort is key on a stroll for me, especially for a stroll that winds up as a day out shopping, as this one did. You may have seen my haul post from this particular shopping trip early last week – it was quite the shopping trip, so I’m glad I had something relaxed to wear whilst charging around Topshop. I don’t like “casual” per se, and this is about as lazy-dresser as I get outside of indoors-only loungewear – do you like my casual look?


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