Secondhand Shopping

I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who constantly longs for a bigger wardrobe, with the consistent arrival of new clothes. But for most of us, this is pretty unachievable – I don’t know about you, but payday certainly doesn’t allow me to restock my entire closet every month! I’ve found over the years that the best way to supplement my wardrobe is through buying secondhand; whether that’s charity shopping, vintage stores, eBay or my new best friend, Depop, secondhand shopping is the most sensible, not to mention varied, way of filling up the wardrobe.

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve done a fair bit of secondhand buying online, my budget has been taken up by saving for two weeks away this summer. But I’m so pleased with the goodies I got and the savings I made, that I thought I’d share them with you.


First up, this heart-print dress from Topshop. I actually first bought this online last year from a blog sale, but the sleeves were a little tight so I re-sold it on eBay a few months back. I’d been missing it, so I was so pleased when the next size up popped up on my eBay feed a couple of weeks ago, brand new with the tags. I won it for just £5.50, around £40 off of the original RRP.  I’ve already worn it (see this post for the dress in action) and I love it. It has a slightly looser fit than before, so it flows better and just feels right. I can see me wearing this an awful lot as autumn and winter approaches.


Next, another Topshop number. This yellow chiffon dress was something I’d admired instore, but £65 was a little much for me. Again, this popped up on eBay for a great price (£7.50 as I recall) so I snapped it up. I love the contrasting shades of yellow, the floaty pleated skirt and the backless detail. Again, I think this is a really versatile dress, and will look as great with ankle boots and tights in the autumn, as it does with bare legs and sandals now.


Over to Depop, a new shopping app, like eBay but without the bidding war. I’d bought a couple of things on Depop previously (two Topshop dresses and an ASOS dress), that I loved, but unfortunately they just weren’t right for me, so I sold on. One of the items that did work out for me was this white crochet minidress from H&M, which I purchased for £8. I wanted something relaxed and pretty for summer, and this dress ticks every box. I’m looking forward to wearing this in different ways, like with Converse and white sunglasses for a casual daytime look, or with my fedora and black ankle boots for a cooler vibe.


Next up, my third and final Topshop number. I’ve lusted after this gingham smock for months, after seeing everyone from my favourite bloggers to Alexa Chung wearing it. Finally, after seeing it go for £70+ on eBay several times, I spied it on Depop for £14. It’s perhaps a little more oversized than I’d like, but it does look great belted up, and I like the comfy fit it provides. I think I’ll probably get more wear out of this in winter, but I’m just satisfied finally having it in my wardrobe!

What’s your best online buys?


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