Strolling In The Sunshine

IMG_2057         IMG_2093     IMG_2099   IMG_2034

  Laura Wishing Tree

Dress: Topshop. Bag: Vintage. Belt: Vintage.

Glasgow may have pretty rubbish weather most of the year, but it’s fair to say that this summer’s been better than all of my previous ones here. I’ve personally been relishing the opportunity to actually dress like it’s summer – I haven’t worn tights for weeks! Apart from today, but what can you do… We took these pictures the night before we flew to Paris last weekend, and it was one of those deliciously languid, glowing evenings that seemed to roll on endlessly. We went for a wander in the parkland surrounding our flat, and the sun seemed to go to our heads – as soon as we came back, we booked a trip to Athens for the winter! Perhaps subconsciously we knew we’ll be longing for some sun in a few months’ time? I bought this dress in the Topshop sale back in the Spring, but it’s really come into its own now it’s summer. It doesn’t work with black tights, so that kind of rules it out for most of the year – hence me wearing it pretty regularly since April! Black might be an odd choice for summer, but it always helps to make me feel elegant (plus, it’s easier to disguise spilled ice-cream on a black dress than on a pale one…!) and is easy to take from work to social with the quickest of accessory changes. I like pairing it with a vintage black suede belt for work, with nude flats, but it’s so easy to make it more of an elegant affair with even just a change of shoes! Lord knows I love me some lazy dressing, and this is definitely up there with some of my simplest outfits. A lazy dress and a lazy walk in the sunshine – what more do you need?


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