Day One In Paris: Part One






Dress: Topshop. Bag: Primark. Shoes: Primark.

So, you probably already know if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, but Lewis and I went to Paris last week, to enjoy a week off work and celebrate my 23rd birthday. And it was glorious!!

By the way, yes, I really am splitting this post into two – Sunday was a seriously busy day.

We arrived on an uncomfortably hot Saturday afternoon, not quite so fresh after a delayed flight, travelling on the Metro (ill-advised, especially with an enormous suitcase in tow), incorrect directions to our AirBnB abode, a boyfriend who’d left his euros behind, and phones that refused to work. It wasn’t the most relaxing start to the trip, I grant you. But the moment we found the apartment (and ditched the suitcase!) everything fell into place.

We enjoyed a gorgeous evening in the apartment and Le Marais, the area we were renting in. The city buzzes with life every night, but nothing’s quite like a Saturday – it’s a very relaxed kind of busy. We wandered the streets, taking in the sights and the huge number of designer shops Le Marais has to offer, until we settled on a corner restaurant to enjoy delicious rose wine and the best steak frites I’ve had in a long, long time.

Sunday morning and we were up super early to enjoy one of the sights we missed out on, on our first trip to Paris: the Champs-Elysee and Arc de Triomphe. We resolved this time to only do the touristy things that we missed out on first time around, so no more hours of queueing! We actually ended up skipping out on the Arc de Triomphe itself – it was an overcast day so the view wouldn’t have been its best, and the queue looked like we’d be waiting forever. But I was more than happy to peruse the Champs-Elysee, wandering the stalls of Sephora and enjoying an incredible almond and chocolate croissant. Delicious.

We then wandered down past the beautiful Grand Palais, past the museums and over the bridge towards Napoleon’s tomb, all the while being overlooked by the Eiffel Tower. Even if you’ve seen it a thousand times, it never fails to impress.

We spent the rest of the afternoon dodging the flash storms that popped up every twenty minutes or so, wandering down to Champs de Mars to have one of those photos taken in front of the Tower. As you can see, I wore my most cliched Parisian outfit of the trip, but nothing felt more appropriate to my mood than this classic Breton tunic. I felt cool and comfortable and cute all day, especially when I was swinging this cute candy-pink bag around in front of the Eiffel Tower!

We were suitably tired by this time, but we were by no means finished, as you’ll see in Day One: Part Two…!


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