Day One in Paris: Part Two






Finally, part two has arrived! Our first day in Paris was an incredibly long one, and we walked what felt like the length of the city. After travelling to the Champs-Elysee, Napoleo n’s tomb and the Eiffel Tower, we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon seeing where our feet took us. We got back on the Metro, and travelled down to Saint-Sulpice, an area I’d heard a lot about from a friend who lived in Paris a few years back. I love visiting old churches anyway – there’s something about the quiet and the tranquillity in them that’s incredibly soothing.

Despite the rain, we hopped off the Metro and took to the narrow streets to see what we could see. We wandered through the area until we ended up in the much livelier district of Saint Germain – not only the name of one of my favourite lipsticks, but now also of one of my new favourite Parisian destinations. This was definitely an area we’d look at visiting again, or staying in next time we come to Paris. The streets were buzzing with people everywhere, street bands, and the cafes overflowed on to the pavement. Everyone seemed to be in a wonderful disposition – not like the glamorously moody Marais where we were based! We made the most of our afternoon (and the excuse of the disappointing lunch we’d had) to make a visit to a gorgeous macaron store, where we stocked up on some delicious treats; almond and rose macarons are now certainly among my new favourite things.

We then took a trip to an ice-cream store Lewis had read about, where they shape your ice cream into a flower, with petals and everything! We definitely made the most of Paris being a bit of a foodie haven… After wandering around Saint Germain for a while, we walked back along the Seine banks towards the Notre Dame. We visited the Notre Dame the last time we came to Paris, so there was no need to wait in the two-hour queue outside this time!

Saint-Michel and the general area surrounding the cathedral is beautiful; it was a personal favourite previously, as I loved the mix of shops and cafes, and the infamous riverside bookstores, and the gorgeous views everywhere. We crossed the famous ‘Lovelock Bridge’ (no, we didn’t do a lock of our own – next time perhaps) and wandered back up through Le Marais to our apartment.

If you’re looking for a lively, urban area to stay in whilst in Paris, I would definitely recommend Le Marais. It’s certainly more expensive than other areas, but it’s full of achingly cool people, irresistible restaurants and premium boutiques – think Isabel Marant, Vanessa Bruno and Karl Lagerfeld, who all have stores in the area. We rented a beautiful studio apartment tucked away at the north side of Le Marais through AirBnB, in a quiet side street close to the Metro and lots of delicious restaurants. It was one of these restaurants that we settled in for the rest of the evening, before we tumbled back into bed at the end of an amazing, but exhausting, first day!


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