Day Two in Paris

The Sacre Coeur - Paris - The Wishing Tree Blog

Moulin Rouge - Paris - The Wishing Tree Blog

Wandering in Paris - The Wishing Tree Blog

Statue in the Luxembourg Gardens - Paris - The Wishing Tree Blog

The Pantheon - Paris- The Wishing Tree

Boats in the Luxembourg Gardens - Paris - The Wishing Tree Blog

Luxembourg Gardens - Paris - The Wishing Tree Blog

Our Monday morning in Paris was nothing like my usual Monday morning – not a spreadsheet or a Nakd bar in sight! Refreshed and revived from Sunday’s marathon of sightseeing, we set off first thing to finally visit the Sacre Coeur. Last time we visited Paris, my apparel (one fairly decent sundress) was considered too scanty to allow me access, so we never got to venture inside.

This time I played it relatively safe; I paired my new favourite blue Breton crop top with a white midi skirt from Primark, to keep covered up and comfortable, but also pretty enough for walks in the park. I completely fell in love with my white plimsolls on this trip; they ended up unbelievably scruffy by the end, but they were so comfortable! I may have to invest in another pair…

After hopping on a very busy Metro ride over to Anvers, we were faced with the quite frankly mammoth set of steps climbing upwards to the cathedral, and a swarm of tourists all trying to snap away at the beautiful view.

The huge climb was totally worth it once we reached the top of the steps; there’s nothing quite like the sight of Paris stretching out ahead of you to brighten up a Monday! Once we were inside, I found the place utterly breathtaking – the painted ceilings, the statues… there was actually a service going on whilst we were inside, which was so serene and beautiful. It made the experience a properly unforgettable one.

Once we left the Sacre Coeur, we wandered around Montmartre, taking in the sights there and exploring the wealth of winding, hidden little lanes. It was just as I’d imagined; so quaint, so bohemian. We walked down to Pigalle, which, I have to be honest, I absolutely hated, so I won’t dwell on that, except to share a photo of the Moulin Rouge.

We took the Metro over to the south, and spent the early part of the afternoon exploring the Pantheon, and the crypt below. Not as morbid as it sounds; it houses the burial sites of Victor Hugo and Marie Curie to name a few. We then ventured back out into the sunshine to explore the Luxembourg Gardens; Lewis’ parents had been telling us about the Gardens since before we made our last visit, so we thought we’d better see what the fuss was about. They were stunning; fountains, statues and flowers everywhere you looked, as well as the incredible Palace in the gardens too.

After a second thoroughly exhausting day, we took off back to the apartment for a nap and a rest, and made our way out into Le Marais for dinner, promptly getting lost on the way back home. Ah, travelling!


4 thoughts on “Day Two in Paris

  1. Emily says:

    Lovely photos! And I’ve been longing to try a breton top + white midi skirt outfit for ages but so far lack the skirt. You wear it so nicely!

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