Day Four in Paris

And so, here we are at our final day in Paris. Technically, it was our fifth day, but seeing as we arrived at 4pm on the first day, I’m not counting it as a day in terms of these posts…

I was still on such a high after my wonderful birthday, and even though I was sad to be leaving, I still had a lovely day. We started out by visiting Place de la Bastille, which was beautiful, and then wandered around to Place des Vosges, to take in the stunning gardens. It was almost unbearably hot, which made too much walking a little different, so we tried to take it super slow and admired everything we saw on the way.

Place des Vosges - The Wishing Tree Blog

After the morning was done, we decided to go over to the Jardin des Plantes, to finish off the second half of my delicious birthday picnic. We picked a suitably shady spot, and loaded up on fresh bread and the rest of the cheese and meats, and half a bottle of wine! Nothing like drinking wine in the middle of the day to make you feel European…! The gardens were absolutely amazing – rows and rows of beautiful bright flowers, the most perfect lush green grass, and of course, the museum building glowing brightly in the distance.

Jardin des Plantes - The Wishing Tree Blog

The Wishing Tree Blog

After our long, lazy lunch, we decided to explore the miniature zoo, along with about four groups of primary school children on a trip. It was an unexpected way to spend the afternoon, but I definitely enjoyed seeing the big cats, the monkeys, and the perky pink flamingos!

Flamingos in the Jardin des Plantes - The Wishing Tree Blog

Finally, the time grew closer for us to leave, and after one quick last stroll around the gardens, we hopped back on the Metro to our apartment. I got so sentimental about leaving that cute little apartment – it was so tiny but so relaxing and homely. Not so sentimental about lugging our huge suitcase down six floors worth of steps – but that’s what you have a boyfriend for…!

Carousel in Jardin des Plantes - The Wishing Tree Blog

I was pretty sad to be leaving Paris; I thoroughly enjoyed our second trip and I am looking forward to planning many more there in the future. But first things first – next stop, Athens!


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