What’s In My Bag

I love a good nose about – it was one of the main reasons I started reading blogs! And there’s nothing quite like the nosing about of someone else’s house/desk/bag that I love – so it’s only right that I give back. Here’s the current contents of my bag, in all its (not quite so exciting) glory…

The Bag

My current bag of choice is this sleek black number, from Primark of all places. I loved the infamous Zara city bag, but two things were against me with that purchase: 1, the price; 2, the fact that it sold out everywhere within minutes. So when I found this lookalike in Primark for a mere £12 instead of Zara’s £60, I had to have it. It’s big enough for everyday, and goes with pretty much everything I wear; a pre-requisite for a lazy lady like me, who doesn’t have time to change handbags before work in the mornings!


The Contents

Sometimes, my bag is so full of everything that I find long-lost relics in there. I jest, but it’s not far off. However, especially for the occasion, I cleared out all the old receipts and Subway ticket stubs, and just kept in my everyday basics.


First up, my Moleskine notebook and pen. I always need a notebook to hand to jot down my thoughts and any ideas I have for writing, work, and general to-do lists. My beloved pink Moleskine more than serves this purpose, and is always the first thing I whip out of my bag when I need to make a note, not my phone.

Next, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. I love having a tablet for days when I’m on the train going to meetings, or need to do a bit of online shopping or map searching – there’s nothing better! And to go alongside this, my trusty iPhone, in the adorable Moschino bunny case. Again, for boredom-busting and general organisation, I can’t leave the house without my phone. My Cath Kidston printed purse is also an essential – usually crammed full of receipts and tickets, it’s unusually tidy here!

Onto the beauty essentials  – yes, an umbrella does come into this. Living in Glasgow, an umbrella is a constant requirement if you ever want to look presentable. Torrential rain can strike at any given moment! I also always carry at least two lipstick options for day or night, subtle or showy; this time, my lipsticks of choice are a Bourjois Color Boost crayon in a bright, glossy red, and a beautiful perky pink Rimmel number. Eight-Hour Cream is my favourite fits-all handbag essential; I use it on dry lips, cuts and scrapes, and the miniature size makes it super easy to take everywhere I go.

Freshening up on the go is something I always like to do, so antibacterial hand gel is a must for keeping clean. This lovely lemony one from Marks and Spencer feels great and smells delicious, and leaves my hands feeling sparkly clean. Speaking of smelling delicious, this Ted Baker butterfly body spray is a great convenient addition to my handbag; it smells just like Ricci Ricci, one of my favourite perfumes, and is ideal for perking yourself up pre-dinner, meeting or just to feel glamorous! Similarly, a tailcomb is another must-have, especially while I’m growing my fringe out, along with a pile of kirby grips, which appear to have stayed within the confines of my bag for this photo!

So there we are, that’s what’s in my handbag at the moment. I love reading these kinds of posts, so let me know in the comments if you have one for me to read!


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