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Trench: H&M. Top: H&M. Skirt: River Island. Bag: Primark. Shoes: Zara.

It’s a bit of a tough one, isn’t it, finding outfits that you haven’t photographed already?! I got dressed for work the day of these pictures, imagining a lovely sunlit photo session in the park at 5pm, and then I remembered that I wore the exact same outfit already, and posted it. Doh.

With that, and the weather losing all semblance of self-control, getting dressed in the mornings has been slightly trickier. Tights or not? What kind of jacket? Do I have an umbrella? And what the hell am I going to put on my feet? That’s just a small selection of the questions I’ve been asking myself in the mornings recently.

I am absolutely dying for an eBay/Depop splurge (the only way to online shop, in my opinion), but getting things posted out over the next few weeks is going to be tricky – more on that later…

So, after approximately an hour of dithering last night, I went with this all-black combo. A classic striped Breton from H&M, with the trusty leather River Island skirt that I pretty much lived in last winter. Paired with sleek black patent loafers from Zara (another birthday present to myself, but they’re still giving me blisters, ouch!) and my battered old trench coat, this seemed like the perfect way to beat the weather at its own game.

Except that the weather lied, and it was actually quite a nice sunny day. Never mind.

How are you combating transitional dressing? Is it easier than I’m making it?!


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