Fun in E1

  Houndstooth The Wishing Tree

 Outfit Details Houndstooth The Wishing Tree 

Dirty Burger Shoreditch - The Wishing Tree

Spitalfields The Wishing Tree

Houndstooth Prints The Wishing Tree

Sparkly Shoes The Wishing Tree

Body: Primark. Skirt: ASOS via Depop. Belt: Vintage. Bag: Primark. Jacket: Internacionale. Shoes: Topshop.

So, apologies for the radio silence over the last few weeks, but as I predicted, it’s not been so easy getting on the internet. Classic moving house mishaps include the Wifi providers not sending out the router on time (thanks EE) so there’s been no way for me to continue rambling on here. I’m sure you’ve missed it….

What was there has been time for though, is exploring our new surroundings! As I previously revealed, Lewis and I moved to London last week – a trip home for me and a whole new adventure for him. We’re settled now, in a cute and (very) cosy flat a little south of the river, and have been getting used to the commute to and from work – a little different from Glasgow’s 20-minute meander through the park, let me tell you. And in between unpacking what felt like hundreds of boxes and finding new places for everything, we also found some time on Sunday afternoon last week, for a trip to Shoreditch. It was the perfect opportunity to scope out our new office, as well as explore Brick Lane and Spitalfields, areas which I personally haven’t visited in a long, long time.

We wandered about for what felt like hours, and made an obligatory stop to Dirty Burger (highly recommended!) – which I almost regretted once we saw the maze of food stalls surrounding Shoreditch and Brick Lane. Not to worry, we’ve been making the most of exploring those on our lunch breaks!

I wore an unsuitably Autumnal outfit for what turned out to be a pretty hot day, but I love it anyway. I bought this skirt from the lovely Carrie of WishWishWish, over on her Depop, and I’m so glad I snapped it up. I am utterly in love with the bold houndstooth print and the voluminous shape of the skirt, and I just know I’ll be wearing it non-stop throughout the colder months. The best bit? (whisper) It was just £5.

So, after doing some incessant twirling in my new favourite skirt, we did a little (a LOT) more walking – something I fear I’m going to have to get used to now we’re here…


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