Sunday Wander

Brixton Market The Wishing Tree

Brixton The Wishing Tree

Pink Dress The Wishing Tree

 Topshop Dress The Wishing Tree

Dress: Topshop. Bag: Vintage. Shoes: Topshop.

There’s nothing quite like that slow realisation that it’s Sunday morning. A whole day stretching out in front of you, with no obligation to do anything except precisely what you fancy. I love the wealth of options available on a day like that, especially now we’re back in London, where anything seems within reach.

On our second full Sunday in London, we decided to stay local, and hopped on the bus over to Brixton, a part of South London that constantly buzzes with activity, where there’s always something interesting to look at, and where even the most mundane things become a little more interesting.

We talk about ‘lazy Sunday dressing’ as a fashion phenomenon these days, but I’ll share with you a secret. Even on a lazy day, I can’t do dressing down – today’s outfit was the result of half an hour in front of my wardrobe, pondering what would equate to being suitably comfy for a Sunday, whilst reducing the chances of looking like a slob. Sweatpants were definitely out then. I settled on this perfectly pretty pink Topshop dress, snapped up a few weeks back for a mere £5 in the dregs of the sale. I love the vivid colour; for someone who’s quite seriously girly, I don’t really own very many pink clothes, and this has certainly brightened up my wardrobe! The stretch fabric means it’s incredibly flattering and comfortable – crucial on days where you plan on walking a lot and eating a lot more.

I also wore my favourite shoes, my trusty gold sparkly slippers from Topshop. I’d grown a little tired of these until the receptionist at work said I looked like a princess in them earlier in the week. Bang – love reignited. Paired with another favourite, this cream vintage handbag, I really liked the end result of this outfit. Definitely more overdressed than you’d imagine ‘lazy Sunday dressing’ to be, but definitely an outfit to feel lovely in!


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