I’ve always loved Greenwich more than most places, it’s true. The grandeur, the gorgeous historical buildings, the open space, and that park! I was born there (not a memory as such) and for the entire time I lived in London, I was never more than twenty minutes away. It was always the ideal location for Saturday shopping trips, visits to museums (and noodle bars) in the school holidays, parties in abandoned marketplaces (and many a bar that didn’t check for ID!) and lazy Sunday walks around the Park and along the waterfront. So it’s no surprise that it was one of the places that I pined for most in the years that I lived in Scotland. It’s also no surprise that on only our fourth weekend back here, I suggested that it would be the ideal place for a jaunt and some lunch on a Saturday afternoon!

We first stopped off at the Clockwork Market, which is a cute selection of stands on the main road into town. Packed with stands selling vintage clothing, music and homewares, it’s a great place to gaze at the unusual and hunt for that perfectly quirky piece. I always inevitably end up at the jewellery stands and ones which sell china – my future home will need several rooms for my collections of both!

Greenwich Market Costume Jewellery - The Wishing Tree

Greenwich Market Vintage China - The Wishing Tree

Suitably full on vintage wares, we headed straight for the incredibly busy Saturday market, which I urge you to visit if you haven’t done so before. Expect plenty of quirky gift stands, homemade cosmetics, vintage clothing, and a hugearray of food stalls which make you (well, me anyway) hungry and confused as to what to choose! On this occasion, we both opted for roast beef, roast potatoes, a Yorkshire pudding and lashings of rosemary beef gravy – who knew you could get a roast dinner in a polystyrene carton?!

Greenwich Market Street Food - The Wishing Tree

We then took a long walk through the town, down past the Painted Hall and through the gardens of the Naval College and the Queen’s House, with its beautiful pillared walkway. We didn’t quite brave the walk up the hill into Blackheath, but we did stop for delicious ice-cream in a teashop near the exit of the park (cherry and white chocolate, and clotted cream caramel – highly recommended!), despite the grey skies and drizzle!

Greenwich The Wishing Tree

Greenwich Street Food Ice Cream - The Wishing Tree

For my favourite place of the past, I decided it was only right to wear my favourite styles of the past too! (Tenuous link alert…) The last time I wore this navy pleated dress was my graduation last July, and when I spied it in my wardrobe yesterday, I couldn’t think why I haven’t worn it more frequently! You can tell from this outfit that I’m longing for autumn – I was desperate to pair a heavier coat and some ankle boots with this, ill-advised, I’m sure. I always seem to rediscover my love for the 60s look when it gets to Autumn; all of a sudden I’m obsessed with leopard print, ankle boots, heavy mascara and big, big hair – I’m even considering cutting my fringe back in (for the fifth Autumn in a row…). So you’ll currently find me scouring Depop and eBay, hunting for my next favourite old new thing – which hopefully you’ll see here in a few weeks!

OOTD Sixties Style - The Wishing TreeVintage Chiltern Bag - The Wishing TreeFOTD The Wishing Tree

Leather Jacket – Internacionale. Dress – Primark. Bag – Vintage. Belt – Vintage. Shoes – Zara.    



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