Autumn Purchases – A Bit of A Haul

I’m not really one for buying a whole new wardrobe every season; instead, I prefer to update my existing closet with pieces that I think will work for the coming season, and probably the one after that too. So far for Autumn, I’ve made a few purchases that I think will refresh my Winter wardrobe, and I’m pretty sure that a couple of them will take me happily into Spring too. I’ve been trying to keep as much as possible to my own taste with these purchases – I find it all too easy to buy into the trends each season, and sometimes find that I wind up with copycat outfits that look good, but aren’t really to my taste. So I’ve tried to keep strictly to a Sixties’-inspired mood board so far, with cute collars and short lengths, and I appear to have bought into a pretty rigid colour scheme too. What can I say? I like lilac.

Cream Topshop Peter Pan Collar Dress - The Wishing Tree

My first purchase is this super-cute cream dress from Topshop, snapped up on eBay. I saw Alexa Chung in something very similar (actually, quite possibly this same dress) and totally loved it. The empire line shape is great for hiding all the extra food I’ve been digging into in the last few weeks, and I love the frilled Peter Pan collar. This will look great all Winter long; I want to wear it with dense black tights, my new ankle boots (more to come on those) and my Asos leopard print coat for a real retro vibe. The only problem I’m having with this dress is the creases; it arrived scrunched up in the bag and has been like it ever since. I’ve tried ironing, re-washing and hanging up, and I don’t know what else to do! Suggestions very, very welcome.

Lilac Lace Topshop Dress - The Wishing Tree

Next up, another Peter Pan collar number from Topshop. I bought this on Depop months ago and it was miles too small, despite being my usual size, so I resold and rebought up a couple of sizes. I love the detail on this dress; the lace is so delicate and pretty, and the scalloped edging along the hem is gorgeous. I didn’t really have anything purple in my wardrobe before this, and I hadn’t really thought very much about lilac before, but as you’ll see, it’s kind of become a new thing for me. I like how it works with my darker hair, and I think it will be a cute colour to pair with winter pastels over the next few months.

Cream Lace 60s Topshop Dress - The Wishing Tree

I mentioned that I’d managed to buy within a restricted colour scheme earlier on, and here’s my second cream purchase. I loved this Topshop Sixties’ style dress back in the summer; it’s a bit of an illusion and looks like a co-ord, without the threat of flashing tummy flesh. However, I couldn’t justify £60 for it, and left it alone – that is, until I spotted it in the sale for £15! I love the fit and style of this dress. It’s so comfy and makes it so easy to look dressed up without making any effort at all. In fact, I loved it so much that as soon as I spotted the (sold out) lilac version, I made it my mission to buy that too!

Lilac Lace Topshop 60s Dress - The Wishing Tree

I think both of these will look great for those dressier days throughout the colder months, and will definitely take me back into the milder months too. Best of all, I bought them both for less than the amount that one of them cost at full price – I love a bargain!

River Island 60s Dress - The Wishing Tree

I loved this River Island dress when it first came out, more than a couple of years ago now. After months of searching, I bought one on eBay last year, but it was too short and a bit too tight, so I reluctantly sold it on. Fast forward a year, and I find myself still thinking about it, so I grabbed another one, a size up, on Depop for just a fiver. It’s testament to how much junk food I’ve been eating that this larger version still doesn’t fit quite right, so once I’ve cut back on the cake (wish I was joking) I’ll definitely be getting a lot of wear out of this. I love navy blue for effortless chic, and the polka dots and matching silky collar and cuffs give this just enough kitsch retro detail to make it a must-have for me.

Dorothy Perkins Buckle Ankle Boots - The Wishing Tree

Finally, an Autumn essential – ankle boots. I threw away my brown leather Dune boots before I moved, as the leather had gotten wet so many times that they kind of shrunk around my feet, and became super uncomfortable. They cost upwards of £70, and didn’t really protect my feet from the elements, so I decided that spending less would be a much better idea this time around. Step forward these little numbers from Dorothy Perkins of all places! Black ankle boots are a must for me for Winter, as they go with pretty much everything, and I’ve barely taken these off since I bought them a couple of weeks back. So far they’ve kept my toes toasty and dry, fingers crossed they hold up!

So, that’s my Autumn purchases so far – I still have a wish list of things I want to accumulate before the season gets into full swing, so hopefully I’ll be writing another one of these soon! What have you bought so far for Autumn/Winter?


One thought on “Autumn Purchases – A Bit of A Haul

  1. Emily says:

    I have that exact black and white polka dot dress, but it’s by an Australian brand, Dotti! They must get made in the same wharehouse or something :’) I got it a few years ago and has long been one of my favourites. I love ALL of these though, it’s a shame about the wrinkles in the first dress – I usually only see that kind of wrinkling in linen clothing! The only other thing I could think of is steaming it perhaps?

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