Autumn/Winter Beauty Essentials – Skin and Hair Care

While I may not change up my wardrobe so much during the colder season, I certainly make sure to adjust my beauty regime to fit the harsher months. My haircare and skincare are definitely upped during this time, to make sure I’m keeping everything hydrated as much as possible, to continue to look groomed even when the weather’s wild.

Autumn Winter Skin and Haircare - The Wishing Tree

First up, haircare. My hair is incredibly thick and heavy and unruly, so I do tend to heat-style it a little more often than I probably should. During Winter, it tends to get dryer and coarser, and of course I blow-dry it more, as well as using straighteners, or even tongs for party season. My failsafe miracle worker to rescue dry, tangled, rough hair is Aussie – not only do I love the smell and the price of these products, but they seriously work to transform my tresses. Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner is a hair-washing must-have, and the 3-Minute Miracle gets a weekly outing during Winter, to bring back some hydration and shine to my hair. Look out for these in drugstores and even supermarkets, as I usually manage to pick up Aussie haircare on a 3 for £10 deal.

Winter Skincare - the Wishing Tree

I don’t know about you, but my complexion tends to look dull and dreary once the sunlight goes away. I cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise religiously to try and keep my skin looking healthy, but I find that nothing helps to perk up your pretty like a great multitasking primer; step forward the classic, Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. This tube of wonder intensely hydrates dry, tired skin and leaves you with an instant radiance that’s difficult to beat. Perfect on its own, and a miracle under makeup, this is a Winter essential for me. Another Clarins must-have is a pre-bedtime treatment, the Santal Face Treatment Oil; I smooth a couple of drops of this oil on before moisturiser all through winter and it’s a bit of a lifesaver. It works to intensely moisturise overnight, so I wake up with a plump, smooth complexion that’s perfectly prepped for makeup. It’s expensive, true, but it makes my skin feel and look lovely, and the scent is perfect for aiding a gentle drift to sleep.

So this might a beauty staple for pretty much everyone, but no Winter skincare list would be complete without the infamous Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. For dry skin, chapped lips, sore noses, dry hands – pretty much anything – this thick balm quickly and easily rehydrates with no mess or fuss. A handbag essential!

I’m sure we all suffer with chapped hands throughout Winter, and poorly paws are a friend to no one. I love a dense, heavy hand cream to make my mitts feel soft and smooth again, and while I have a few favourites, Jurlique’s Jasmine Hand Cream is one I always come back to. The scent is close to heavenly, and the formula is super-thick and creamy, but absorbs quickly for hands too pretty to hide away in gloves.

Finally, cleansing. In case it’s not clear, hydration is super important for me when the weather’s harsh, and while I love the ease of micellar waters, there’s nothing like a buttery cleansing balm to keep skin soft, supple and spotless. I’m currently using the Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter, which I absolutely adore. I remove most of my makeup with wipes, then massage on a scoop of this butter. It melts away makeup instantly, and the fragrance is perfect for pre-bedtime, as it’s so relaxing. I soak a flannel in warm water and wipe off the butter, then rinse, for a completely clean face that feels soft and protected. I’m about halfway through this tub, but can definitely see myself repurchasing soon.

So that’s my Winter skincare routine – which products do you use? Next up, my Winter makeup favourites…


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