Autumn/Winter Beauty Essentials – Makeup

autumn makeup picks

I’m fairly typical in that I do tend to switch up my makeup once the season starts to change. In the summer, I prefer creamy products, a pared-back look and a dewy finish, but when it comes to winter, I like to be a little bit braver. Winter spells sweeping black eyeliner and bold berry lips for me, so I thought I’d put a post together showcasing my autumnal essentials.

My eyes are my favourite thing to accentuate all year round, so I really enjoy playing them up come the colder months. In case you hadn’t guessed already, I love the 60s look, and that means bold black eyeliner and lots and lots of lashes! My favourite eyeliner for the job is Collection’s Fast Stroke Eyeliner, and in the winter I always opt for the waterproof version to protect from the elements. This eyeliner is pretty cheap and cheerful, but the formula is brilliantly opaque, the applicator is short and tapered which allows for precise application, and it stays the distance.

My new favourite mascara is just that – Gosh’s Bombastic is a very new addition to my makeup bag, but I’m really impressed with it so far. I’ve found it so tricky to get a mascara that doesn’t smudge below my eyes, as I love to wear mascara pretty thickly on my top and bottom lashes for that retro, Twiggy-esque look. But so far, I’ve found that this formula manages to stay put and doesn’t leave me looking stupid a few hours into the day. It’s an incredibly thick formula and a really dense brush, so it’s easy to overdo, but with a careful hand it’s a dream for creating that gorgeous 60s vibe!

Something I do like to change up in the winter is my lip colour. In summer, I like pastel pinks and punchy corals, but winter means either peachy nudes or rich reds for me. I picked up this Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick in Le Malicieuse on my birthday, in the Rue Cambon store in Paris. The creamy matte formula glides on and leaves a velvety finish, and feels comfortable to wear all day long. I love the vibrant red; it perks up my complexion and makes me look like I’ve made an effort, even on the darkest, dreariest mornings. Expensive, yes, but totally worth it in my opinion.

Speaking of reds, I think a luxe burgundy colour is another winter staple. Rimmel’s Kate lipstick in shade 107 is perfection if you’re looking for the ideal rioja red; it’s dark but incredibly flattering, and adds a real touch of glamour to your winter makeup look. I think this one is perhaps a little much for daytime, but I love it on dark winter evenings for a bit of drama. The formula isn’t as creamy as the Chanel, but it still feels pretty comfortable and the staying power is good – essential for a shade this dark and dramatic!

Finally, no 60s-inspired makeup look would be complete without that perfect nude lipstick. Rimmel’s Lasting Finish lipstick in Nude Pink works for me; it’s quite a warm tone, so none of that smeared-concealer look you sometimes get with nude lipsticks. It’s also got a bit of a subtle frost shimmer to it (nothing too 90s!) which is flattering and stops the look being too dated. Perfect for everyday with cat-eye eyeliner flicks and those thick Twiggy lashes!

So, there you have my current staples for my Autumn/Winter makeup bag. What are your staples?


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