london the british museum the wishing tree

outfit the wishing tree

The British Museum The Wishing Tree

One major memory I have from growing up in London is visiting the museums. School trips, birthdays and weekends, dozens of them, filled with excursions to all of the big names: the V&A, Natural History, the Science Museum, and one of the most memorable, the British Museum. I remember being hypnotised and repulsed by the Egyptian mummies in their open coffins, and enchanted by the ancient Greek marbles and amazing pottery. The last time I visited I couldn’t have been more than 12, so it was very high on the list of places to go now we’re back.

And last Friday, on a much-needed day off, we decided that the overcast skies and brisk winds were the perfect conditions for a trip to the British Museum.

It was so much fun seeing everything again; it was like looking at the exhibitions with fresh eyes, but then I was so surprised when I recognised pieces that I saw years and years ago. We’re going to Athens next month (eek!) so it was a great opportunity to see the half of the Elgin Marbles held by the British Museum, before we see the remaining half in situ in Greece. We focused mainly on the ancient sections because of this; if I wasn’t excited for Athens before, I seriously cannot wait now!

Sixties Outfit The Wishing Tree

Topshop, New Look Outfit The Wishing Tree


Coat – Topshop. Body – Primark. Skirt – New Look. Bag – Primark. Shoes – Zara.

I wore my favourite pink Topshop coat, the perfect coat for these in-betweeny days that we’re seeing so much of at the moment. Snapped up in the New Year sales, the cost per wear on this is insane. I also wore my new favourite purchase, a grey grid-print wool miniskirt from New Look. I love the retro Sixties vibe of this skirt – I can’t wait to Birkin it up with a black roll-neck, and pair it with these patent Zara loafers again.

The afternoon was so much fun for me, a little bit like rediscovering a little piece of my childhood. If it makes me a super-nerd, I don’t care, I’ll certainly be back at the British Museum soon to finish off viewing the rest of the collections!


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