Christmas Presents To Myself

I’m a big believer in buying myself a little Christmas present in the Boxing Day sales – in the last few years, I’ve treated myself to anything from a tablet to a skirt I’d been coveting for months. My nan always gives me money for Christmas, so I’m always careful to make sure that I spend it on a gift for myself, and don’t end up chucking it away on boring things like food or bills… Handily, I also received some Love To Shop vouchers as a gift this year, meaning that I had a bona-fide, non-guilty excuse to blow the lot!

For the first time ever, I decided to hit up Oxford Street on Boxing Day for the sales – I’m not sure why, as I hate Oxford Street at the best of times, but I wanted to tick it off my list. It wasn’t that bad – ok, it was bad, but it wasn’t the hair-pulling, stranger-punching frenzy I was expecting. I was so pleased that I managed to buy myself some gorgeous bits I’d been lusting after for ages that the crowds didn’t really matter in the end. Sort of.

First up, I snapped up this stunning red boucle coat in the Warehouse sale – I’d seen it on Liv’s blog a few weeks back and totally loved it, so I was so pleased to find it for a great price. Expect to see it in an outfit post very soon!

marks and spencer rose gold heels frocks and flowers uk fashion blog

I also managed to track down this beautiful pair of sparkly rose gold shoes from Marks and Spencer. I’ve been on the lookout since I spotted them in Stylist a month or so ago, so I was thrilled to finally get them for a great price, and with my vouchers too, so not a penny spent really!

body shop beauty haul frocks and flowers uk fashion blog

Just before Christmas, I took advantage of the sales starting early to nab myself a few beauty bits too. The Body Shop had a fantastic offer on, with huge discounts, free delivery and a free gift – I couldn’t resist. I bought myself my beloved Camomile Cleansing Butter; I’d just run out and was struggling to cope without it. It’s my favourite cleanser; creamy and luxurious, so effective and so, so gentle – I can’t find fault with it at all. I also decided to try the Vitamin E Serum-in-Oil Overnight Treatment, which I’m so pleased I bought. It’s so gentle and nourishing, and I’ve woken up with plump, soft and supple skin each morning after I’ve used it. It feels so luxurious but the price is so affordable. As I bought both of these, I got a free gift in the form of my favourite moisturiser, the classic Vitamin E day cream. I’ve been using this for years, and my current jar is nearing its end, so this was a fantastic bonus!

So, these are the presents to myself so far, and I still have £45 to spend on myself – what are your suggestions?


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