Resolutions Revisited

At the start of 2014, I made a pretty exhaustive list of resolutions that I wanted to commit to this year. And now, with the end of the year and 2015 in sight, I thought I’d revisit them and see how well (or not…) I did!

1. Visit five places I’ve never been to before. I nearly managed this one. Of course, I’ve visited new towns etc. on quick days out this year, but I meant travelling to five new places for an extended stay. I managed Angus and Athens. Whoops. Must do better in 2015 – plans so far include Sweden, Italy and Wales!

2. Read twelve new books. Ashamedly, I didn’t even come close. Work and TV and life just got in the way, unfortunately. I’ve managed to re-read about ten of my favourites, but I don’t think I’d managed to pick up a properly new book until Christmas, when I got four and have already finished two of them.

3. Watch twenty new films. Oh dear, this isn’t going well, is it? I’m going to hazard a guess that we’ve seen about five or six new films this year. I always seem to find something better to do than go to the cinema, and we’re currently without a DVD player, which doesn’t help. 2015, I will find a great local cinema and make myself go!!

4. Achieve a healthy body and lifestyle. I’m sure I’m not the only one who failed at this one. I have the best of intentions but the worst procrastinations. But now I have a plan in place – a gym membership, coming this way very soon!

5. Learn to ride my bike in the road. This resolution was not made with living in London in mind. I am not riding my bike in the road in London.

6. Complete a five mile run. Nope.

7. Blog more often, and blog for myself. I fell by the wayside with this one early on in the year, but come the summer, I fell back in love with my little blog, leading to lots of posts all through summer, autumn and now winter! I’ve had a little rebrand too, and I plan to keep working hard on this little corner of the internet all through next year and beyond.

8. Learn conversational French. Look, I tried. I downloaded Duolingo and was doing so, so well. Then I got smug and stopped using it, and promptly forgot everything, just in time for our trip to Paris. Must do better.

9. Spend more time with my mum. I’ve definitely exceeded expectations with this one! Thanks to work, I ended up spending a good few weekends with my mum (and dad, sorry mate) earlier this year – and then we moved to London, and I’ve seen her almost every week since September. Mission accomplished.

10. Write at least ten chapters of my novel. Again, I could have done better here. In my defence, I’ve been trying to think of a great idea for the whole of 2014, and it only came to me a week ago. So I have a plot and a plan, but I do not have ten chapters. 2015’s mission is ten chapters.

11. Shop less, and buy better quality. I think I did a bit better with this. I bought less but bought more expensive items, using eBay and Depop to save money, and even made a little Orla Kiely splurge in the autumn! My clothes rail is still groaning under the weight, and there’s still lots of closet-building to do as far as I’m concerned, but I haven’t bought anywhere near as much Primark and that’s an achievement for me!

12. Save up 20% of my year’s earnings for a house deposit. I’m very proud to say that I did achieve this, and more. 2015 is the year that I attempt to put those hard months of savings to good use!

13. Date night, once a week. I can’t decide if we’ve achieved this or not. We usually end up having dinner out once a week, but it doesn’t often feel like ‘date night’. Good, but could do better.

14. Indulge creativity more often. I’ve tried hard with this, and did well while we were in Glasgow; we had a spare bedroom which was used for writing, dressmaking, music etc. Since we moved to London, we’ve had no room to indulge in this kind of thing, making it very tricky.

15. Make more effort with weekday appearance. On days when I know have blog photos, I manage this. Other days, not so much. Oops…

16. Have a glorious Christmas! Hosting Christmas isn’t something we’re going to be able to achieve this year, but hoping we can next year. This year, we cosied up with my family for a very chaotic Christmas, so maybe next year we’ll run away somewhere gorgeous and do something elegant for a change.

17. Have a huge clear-out twice a year, donating at least half to charity. We had an enormous clear-out when we packed up to move to London –  so much so that out focus for 2015 is slowly getting our stuff back!

18. Go to the ballet. We’ve kind of missed the boat with this one I fear… It’s nearly the end of December and we don’t have tickets booked, so it’s looking unlikely isn’t it?

19. Be more present, and live in the moment. I think I’m most disappointed that I didn’t achieve this one this year. This year has been a year in limbo, definitely. All year I was waiting for something else to happen, and because I knew big things were on their way, like moving back to London and buying a house, I’ve been continuously focused on ‘what’s next?’. Next year, I really hope to improve my way of thinking and definitely try to live more in the moment and not think too far ahead.

20. Be less anxious. Again, this is not a resolution that I’ve achieved this year. Still a chronic worrier, but I am learning to be a bit more relaxed about things. I’m getting there, very, very slowly.

21. Have a very special birthday! Now, this one I did do. Towards the beginning of 2014, we booked a week in Paris for my 23rd birthday, which turned out to be the most wonderful week, and I had one of the best birthdays I have ever had. It was beautiful, and you can read all about it here.

22. Be more thoughtful in all areas. This is one that I’d kind of forgotten about, but I think I might be a bit better. Maybe. The jury’s out on this one.

23. Move home! Thankfully, this one was well and truly ticked off of the list, back in August. We’re still settling in and getting used to be so far away from our friends and familiar settings, but we both love being back in London and can’t wait for the next year!

24. Be the very best that I can be. as always, a work in progress. Will keep on trucking in 2015!


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