The Mean Reds

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Coat: Warehouse. Dress: Topshop. Bag: Accessorize. Boots: Dorothy Perkins.

So, welcome to the first outfit post of 2015, at the very end of what has felt like the longest week of my life. January’s never much fun, I know, but this one seems to be particularly gloomy, and by the middle of the week, I was definitely experiencing the “mean reds”, as described perfectly in Breakfast At Tiffany’s, one of my favourite books. Luckily, I think I’ve managed to shift the mood just in time for the weekend – I shook off the mean reds and donned some decidedly more glamorous ones, for a walk around the park.

I snapped up this gorgeous Warehouse boucle coat in the Boxing Day sale, and I’ve not worn another coat since I brought it home. I love the vibrant shade of cherry red, and the cosy boucle means it’s super warm for the terrible weather we’re having. I love the vaguely 60s shape and how it goes with every outfit too – and now i’ll stop with my ode to the coat. I love it, and you can still snap it up in the sale if you’re super quick!

The bag was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend, and again, I’ve barely used anything else since I got it. I’d been eyeing it up for several week prior to Christmas, so I was thrilled to receive it and absolutely adore it. I wasn’t convinced that it would work with the red coat but they’ve been a pairing I’ve been sticking to since Christmas, so whether they work together or not, I’m staying with it. A ballerina-pink handbag is fulfilling all of my childhood sartorial dreams aged 23, past Laura would be delighted.

As for the smock dress, this has been a weekend wardrobe staple for months now. After seeing a certain Miss Chung in this dress, I had to have it, and despite my boyfriend really not appreciating it, it’s one of my favourite things to wear on days when you’re not sure dressing up is worth the effort. It’s cosy and comfortable and oh-so cool, and who doesn’t love black and white gingham?! It’s also perfect for hiding all of those extra sweets and treats I indulged in at Christmas, but ssh – I won’t tell if you don’t…


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