Sunday Brunch









Coat: ASOS. Hat: Primark. Top: New Look. Jeans: Primark. Boots: Dorothy Perkins. Bag: Zara.

No, this post isn’t a homage to the popular Channel 4 show… Sorry to disappoint you.

There’s not much that feels nicer than getting dressed up on a Sunday morning and heading out to a lovely little suburb, in search of some delicious food. So when I finally dragged myself out of bed on Sunday, there was only one thing on my mind – copious amounts of tea and a stack of waffles.

To complement my craving for a classic Sunday morning feast, I decided to wear one of my favourite outfits, comprised of some wardrobe classics. This ASOS leopard-print coat is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe; it never fails to elevate an outfit from plain Jane to retro glamour in seconds. Underneath I wore my staple Breton top and black high-waisted jeans – both perfect for hiding any signs of overindulgence! – and some timeless black pointed Chelsea boots. Throwing on a fancy fedora is great for lazy hair days too – but you knew that already. I finished off the look with this cute burgundy bag from Zara, which never fails to pep up an outfit.

We headed up to Crystal Palace for the afternoon, to check out the gorgeous local markets first; there’s always some amazing reclaimed furniture stores and loads of food stalls and vintage markets, so it’s always a lovely way to spend a morning at the weekend. When we’d finished making a mental shopping list of everything we loved (including this love-it-or-hate-it painted flamingo chest!), we went in search of the brunch of my dreams – and boy, were we sorely disappointed! Note to self: next time, stay on the bus and head over to Clapham. There’s plenty of restaurants in Crystal Palace, but hardly any serving anything remotely brunchy, but we ended up in a cute social enterprise cafe, which we had high hopes for. Unfortunately they served me raw waffles, then the wrong dish entirely as a replacement, while my boy got the opposite of everything he’d requested with his. We got fed up and left, meaning that my Sunday brunch dreams ended with me making a sausage sandwich back in the flat, at 4.30pm. Better luck next time…


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