A Shoe Haul

In the last few months, I’ve been considering myself less and less as a ‘shoe person’. Since clearing out my huge shoe wardrobe when we moved out of Glasgow and into a much smaller flat here in London, I’ve become much more streamlined in my collection and practical in my thinking, entirely without meaning to. And since our social life has rapidly declined (moving away from all of your friends will do that, folks), I’ve somehow swapped my favourite sassy shoes for saggy, soft slippers. Whoops.

In a practical sense, throwing away most of my shoes has also caused many a weekday drama when I can’t find the right footwear for my outfit. I didn’t want to spend the whole of winter in one pair of boots (this has been known to happen) but equally, the only other options I had were pretty darn impractical – step forward, spindly heels and summery sandals.

So in a bid to improve my ‘shoedrobe’, I’ve spent the last couple of months scouring stores for the right pairs to add to my dwindling collection. A mix of practical and pretty, dressy and dressed-down, ideal for work and for play. I don’t ask for much, do I?

New Look Black Bow Heels

New Look Black Bow Ankle Strap Block Heels

Now, these shoes were definitely purchased on a whim. On Thursday evening, I was attending a black-tie ball for work, and on Wednesday night, I discovered that the shoes I’d imagined with my knockout of a dress, were in fact at my mum’s house, and too far away to collect in time. Cue a lunchtime dash to the local New Look on Thursday, desperately searching for some dressy black heels that were comfortable and that I’d wear again. I spotted these little ladies and loved them on sight; that delicious little grosgrain bow, the delicate straps and the comfy low block heel made them the only contender. They looked great with the dress and I know I’ll get lots of wear out of them – I’m already planning several springtime looks in my head involving them!

Topshop Joyful Mid Heels

Topshop Joyful T-Bar Mid Heels

Hands up who spotted these babies pre-Christmas? I certainly did, but the expense of the month meant I couldn’t justify a pair of spangly silver shoes, however much I wanted to. But my shoe-mageddon made me rethink these when I saw them hanging about at the end of the sale last week. Silver, super 60s and sixty percent off? My mind was made up for me. They’re definitely more practical than their glitzy, glittery cousins (which I also lusted after!). Cara D wore these in the AW14 campaign, and I can’t wait to wear these with pretty much everything, as soon as the potential of slipping on ice melts away… And tell me, is there any better feeling than buying online, only to see your purchase come up as ‘out of stock’ after you’ve paid? Smug is not the word.

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Marks and Spencer Ankle Strap Court Shoes

Marks and Spencer Ankle Strap Court Shoes

Now, I know I’ve already spoken about these shoes, but I couldn’t leave them out of this roundup. Bought in the Boxing Day sales, I’d been lusting after these since I spied them in Stylist’s Style List back in early Autumn. I recently bid goodbye to a very similar gold pair from Topshop, so this sparkly rose-gold version was a welcome addition to my closet. Again, these are definitely more of a springtime shoe, so I’ve not worn them yet, but I can’t wait to. Soon I can say hello to glamorous midi skirts and dresses again, with these coordinating perfectly. Tell me, who doesn’t need rose-gold shoes in their life?

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Dorothy Perkins Chelsea Boots

Dorothy Perkins Black Pointed Chelsea Boots

Now these have definitely earned their keep. I got these Chelsea boots at the start of December, and they’ve featured in almost every outfit post since (sorry). I was swapping a faulty pair of boots and got these in exchange; they’re sleeker and cooler than my previous pair anyway. No wardrobe is complete without a trusty pair of hardworking Chelsea boots, pulling together any outfit and giving everything a stylish, retro twist. I’ve been wearing these with everything from lace dresses to skinny jeans (basically with my whole wardrobe, minus sweatpants). Dorothy Perkins isn’t the best in terms of quality so I’m not expecting these to last forever, but I’ve got my eye on these ones as a replacement!

Finally… an honourable mention has to go to these Black Velvet T-Bar Block Heels, from New Look. As referred to near the start of this post, these are the shoes which have been living at my mum’s, since damp started becoming a bit of a worry in our flat (hence no photo of them). As they’re velvet, I thought they’d be bound to succumb to damage, so my mum is babysitting them until we’re settled somewhere a little more environmentally friendly for my wardrobe. These are everything I could want in an evening shoe – suitably retro, nice and high, and COMFY. Don’t let that huge heel fool you. I can’t wait until these babies are back on my feet and back in my life!


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