Spring Purchases – A Bit of a Haul

It’s not often that I head out to the high street and have a bit of a splurge shopping trip; I’m more of a bit-by-bit shopper, accumulating pieces singularly throughout the month. But payday weekend loomed and I couldn’t resist a little trip to pick up a few essentials, and as it turned out, a lot more besides…


Breton Stripes

No shopping trip is complete without picking up a little stripy something, and this was definitely the case here. I headed out to the shops with this Zara Breton tee in mind and I’m so pleased I managed to get my mitts on it! You can never have too many striped tees, and seeing as I didn’t have a blue and white one in my ever-expanding collection (except for a little cropped number), I thought it would make the perfect addition. I also picked up this great slouchy black-and-white version in H&M, ideal for pairing with my dungarees or jeans for a cool, casual look. I just can’t get enough!



Lady In Red

I’ve been really into red of late, as you’ve probably gathered from my more recent outfit posts. It’s such a great colour to liven up any outfit and look glam, without spending forever getting ready (or putting a lot of effort in at all!). So when I was perusing the rails of H&M, my eyes settled almost immediately on this beautiful cherry-red lace top. I love the scalloped hem, the slightly flared sleeves and the structured high neck – all gorgeous little details that help make this top one that I know will pull any outfit together. To match, I snapped up a Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in the same shade of vibrant red (shade 22). I love these lipsticks; the colour payoff is amazing in every shade, they last for hours without bleeding or smudging and they’re great value for money. This glossy red is going to be a staple shade for me, it comes highly recommended!


A Touch of Sparkle

Now, I know I already have a pair of pink glittery shoes, but when it comes to a purchase as impractically pretty as this, there is no sense in trying to justify having two pairs. And to be fair to my new shoes, I did see them first. Yep, I first laid eyes on these stunning Topshop sparklers back in November, but I couldn’t quite decide on their suitability and left them there in the Oxford Circus store – only to spend the next four months daydreaming about them. I bought a pair of similar shoes from Marks and Spencer in the Boxing Day sales, but I still couldn’t stop thinking about these. I sought them out online, only to find that they had sold out, and I had given up all hope before I spied them on the sale rail yesterday! I’m so pleased I bought them, they fulfil all the dreams of my inner six-year-old. I love the rose-gold shade, the chunky gold-plated heel, and of course, the glitter! I can’t decide if they’re more 1920s flapper girl or 1960s dancer, but either way, it’s real, true love. I guess I’ve learned that when it comes to shoe shopping, the right shoe isn’t always the most practical.

Black Jeans

Boring, but a wardrobe staple. I only wear jeans maybe once a week but I love having them as a back-up – and a perfect partner for all of those Breton tees… As I don’t wear them much, I don’t see much point in spending a fortune on them, especially when I seem to have found my perfect pair, oddly enough from Primark! Their super high-waisted skinny jeans have just the right amount of stretch in them to suck you in but still be amazingly comfy. For just £11, you can’t go wrong.


Prep & Prime

Of course, no shopping trip is completed without stocking up on the essentials that you came out for. I wanted to grab some of the basics that help me stay relatively groomed, without spending a fortune. In need of a new primer, I reverted back to a product I loved a couple of years ago, and for some reason, stopped buying. The Nivea Express Hydration Primer is a great base for makeup; it quenches thirsty skin, and leaves skin looking bright and smooth, ready for foundation. It’s a great price and I always enjoyed using it, so hopefully I’ll fall back in love with it straightaway. I also purchased a Simple eye cream, after finding every concealer was settling into fine lines under my eyes. I thought I’d start low-key with this and if it works, progress to something a little more high-end. Also, if anyone has any recommendations for fail-safe concealers, please do let me know!


The Mane Purchases

Oh god, I love me a pun. But yes, hair products. I couldn’t leave Boots without repurchasing a bottle of my fail-safe hair mask, the Aussie 3-Minute Miracle Reconstructor. If you haven’t tried this stuff – what have you been doing with your life?! The smell of this deep conditioner is just glorious, and as a treat once a week, it’s really improved the overall condition of my hair. For around £3 a bottle, you really can’t get any better. I also thought I’d try out a new product for me – the Pantene Pro-V Dry Shampoo. I’m usually a V05 faithful but this sounded good and was on a special offer, who am I to refuse? So far, the jury’s out – I usually prefer a dryer, powdery texture to dry shampoo, whereas this almost feels wet, but it did seem to work and blend into my hair well. I’ll keep you posted…

So, that was my haul – full of pieces to back up both my wardrobe and my makeup bag, and add a dash of new style for Spring. Expect to see them all in outfit posts coming soon!


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