The Denim Dress

Denim Dress Frocks and Flowers

Denim Dress Frocks and Flowers

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Denim Dress Frocks and Flowers

Denim Dress Frocks and Flowers

Dress: Topshop via eBay. Belt: Vintage. Boots: Dorothy Perkins. Bag: Primark. Hat: Primark.

I never thought that my wardrobe was missing any denim; I’m not a huge jeans lover (two pairs’ll do me fine) and I’ve never felt the need to embrace a wider spectrum of denim, like shirts or jackets or dresses. But then Alexa’s amazing ACxAG collection hit the shelves and a wave of denim-dress-based FOMO washed over me. Suddenly the need for a denim dress was all-encompassing (in shopping terms, anyway), and I resolved to track one down. The original Alexa version was well out of the budget, and *that* Miss Selfridge copycat version had flown off the shelves, so I turned to my old buddy eBay for assistance.

This little Topshop number called out to me from a sea of dodgy, dated denim dresses and I knew it was the one. Button-down, Peter Pan collar, tie neck and an elasticated waistband? I didn’t know such heaven existed. And now I have this bad boy for good, I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought my wardrobe didn’t need a dash of denim. It’s perfect for these breezy Spring days with tights and boots (as demonstrated), but I can see it with cute white sandals and a tan (hopefully) come summer. Listen to me. If you think you don’t need a denim dress in your life – you’re wrong.


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