Brunch at The Breakfast Club

  The Breakfast Club Frocks and Flowers UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog

The Breakfast Club Frocks and Flowers UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog

The Breakfast Club Frocks and Flowers UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog

The Breakfast Club Frocks and Flowers UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog  The Breakfast Club Frocks and Flowers UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog

There’s been so many things that I’ve wanted to do since we moved back to London last year, and The Breakfast Club was definitely pretty high on that list. Glasgow is great for food, but one thing it’s really missing is a great place for breakfast and brunch, so every time I saw Instagram snaps of pancake stacks and sunny, runny eggs, I knew even more that I had to get to one of the Breakfast Club branches sooner or later. When I moved into my new office in Borough, just around the corner from the Borough branch, I knew it would be sooner.

My boyfriend’s brother came to stay with us recently and we knew this would be the perfect excuse to sample the delights of a truly indulgent, feel-good breakfast. The Breakfast Club doesn’t take bookings on Fridays or weekends, but luckily we only had to wait five minutes before we were seated in a plush, mustard-coloured leather booth. I could barely look at the menu for looking at the decor, it was so much fun! Candy-pink ceilings, brightly coloured booths, fairy lights, posters, pictures, even a horse’s head (called Simon). The interior was so much fun and had so much thought put into it that I knew the food would be just as impressive. I was not wrong.

I ordered English Breakfast tea (as always), and was thrilled to get a full mug of tea – just what you need early in the day. No tiny teacups for this place. To go alongside it, I ordered pancakes and berries, which I’d seen so often on Instagram, while the boys both went with All-American pancakes, a frothy cappuccino and the Elvis Shake milkshake. We were not disappointed. The boys received plates piled high with pancakes, bacon, sausages, potatoes and sunny eggs, drizzled with maple syrup, which they eyed greedily and finished in record time. In the meantime, I was served a stack of fluffy pancakes, complete with maple syrup, a scattering of raspberries, strawberries and blueberries and an enormous dollop of thick vanilla cream. I could barely believe my eyes and tucked in with glee (not before taking a few snaps, of course!).

The three of us ploughed through our dishes happily and probably quite greedily, and we were absolutely stuffed before long. The Breakfast Club might be very busy, and it’s not the cheapest (pancakes and tea costs around £11), but we can definitely see ourselves being regulars in the future! The Breakfast Club, I love you.


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