New In: My Recent Purchases

I’ve not been feeling too spendy as of late, as we’ve got some very important (and expensive!) things to be saving for, but I did feel like I needed a little treat this month, to reward myself for all of that hard saving. All will become clear soon…! So here’s a little roundup of the recent treats I bought for myself – sometimes you just need to be good to yourself, you know?

Frocks and Flowers UK Style London Fashion Blog Real Techniques Brush Review

Real Techniques Makeup Brushes
I’ve had a couple of the Real Techniques brushes for a while now, but this month I decided to expand my arsenal and pad out my kit with a few more of these amazing brushes. My old brushes have now seen better days and my kit needed a refresh, and Real Techniques seemed to be the obvious choice. To save a bit of cash, I did some hunting on eBay and found the Core Collection for just £11.99, nearly £10 cheaper than the RRP. Most of the Core Collection is pictured here, alongside my faithful Blush Brush, Powder Brush and Expert Face Brush. They’ve made doing my makeup so much easier and the results are definitely noticeably better, so I’m thrilled with this purchase!

Frocks and Flowers UK Style London Fashion Blog Rimmel Kate Moss Nude Lipstick 38 Review Nude Lipstick

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick for a long time now, and while I’m not 100% convinced that this is exactly what I’ve been dreaming of, the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 38 is a good substitute for now. I’m a big fan of the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks; the shade range is fantastic and they are high quality, with a price point that can’t be argued with. This is a pinky-brown nude that livens up my usual makeup look, and while it might not be the creamy pale 60s nude I’ve been searching for, it’s certainly working for my spring makeup routine. By the way, if anyone has any suggestions for a purse-friendly pale nude lipstick, please send them my way!

Frocks and Flowers UK Style London Fashion Blog New Look Shoes Sandals Fashion Blogger

Ballerina Flats
I mentioned on Twitter that my lack of sunshine-appropriate footwear was causing dressing dramas last week, so I took it upon myself to buy some summery shoes on my lunch break. I headed to nearby New Look and was so excited by the range of shoes they have in this season, I pretty much spent the entire hour in there… I decided on some classic ballerina flats, perfect for wearing at work and at the weekends, cheap and very cheerful. I chose these pretty pale pink ones for just £7.99 (the New Look website calls them ‘Stone’, but they’re definitely pink!) and then had a very hard time choosing which colour of satin ballerina flat to take home… There was classic golden pink and a couple of trendy colours, but in the end I couldn’t walk away without these gorgeous cornflower blue ones, which remind me of Cinderella’s dress and Disney daydreams. I absolutely love them and they’ll go with so much in my wardrobe, so no more tantrums in the morning!

Frocks and Flowers UK Style London Fashion Blog New Look Shoes Sandals Fashion Blogger

Frocks and Flowers UK Style London Fashion Blog New Look Shoes Sandals Fashion Blogger

Summer Sandals
Whilst in New Look, I ended up buying another pair of shoes that I didn’t *strictly* need, but couldn’t tear myself away from. These beautiful white leather sandals caught my eye, and I had to try them on. They went with my outfit, they were super comfortable and they were the last pair in my size – a fatal combination which meant I had to buy them. I absolutely love them though, and even though I’m not a big heel wearer (despite having several pairs…) I’m making a promise to myself to get a lot of wear out of these this summer. The heel is about three inches and is nice and chunky, so they are ideal for daytime, and I was so impressed at getting real leather for £27.99. Highly recommended ladies!

Frocks and Flowers UK Style London Fashion Blog French Connection Athena Leather Jacket

The Leather Jacket
I’ve already discussed my new purchase a little bit but let’s go into more detail, because I love it so much… Whilst hunting for birthday presents a few weeks ago, I found myself in French Connection, perusing the rails and dreaming about what else I could spend my money on. Then my eye fell on a little row of leather jackets, hanging there and looking lovely. It was fate. I’d been thinking about buying a new one for weeks, and was just about to order a Topshop one when I got home, when I saw this, the Athena jacket, and it was SO MUCH NICER. It’s pleather, but really high quality, and the detailing is gorgeous. It has quilting on the shoulders and on the elbow patches, a slightly loose biker cut, perfect lapels and just enough zips and buckles to look cool but stay classy too. It was reduced from £100-ish to £48, and there was one left in my size (that old chestnut), so there was no stopping me reaching the till. A classic item is worth a bit of a splurge sometimes.

Frocks and Flowers UK Style London Fashion Blog Rifle Paper co Book Little Women Review

My Favourite Book
No, I didn’t just spend all my money on clothes and makeup this month. I’m sure you’ll have seen the gorgeous redesigned covers of several classic books on Instagram recently – Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co created some amazing covers for some equally amazing books for the ‘In Bloom’ collection, and I had to get my hands on Little Women. It’s my favourite book and my favourite film, and luckily, the cover was my favourite of the collection too. My old copy is a bit battered and dog-eared now, so I’m delighted to have such a gorgeous book grace my bookshelf. It is absolutely delicious. And no, you don’t need to go mad and hunt one down in Anthropologie – the whole collection can be found on Amazon!

So, that’s my purchases for this month – what do you think?


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