New In: A Bit of a Haul

I’ve been posting quite a lot of beauty bits over the last few weeks, but I’ve been feeling a bit of a change of late – I’ve been lusting after fresher colours and softer bases, ready for the new season and the warmer weather. So I took a little trip to Boots, points card in hand, and here’s what I came out with…

Frocks and Flowers UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog Boots Beauty Haul A Golden Glow

Now, I may well be one of the palest people I’ve ever met. All the time I lived in London, every summer, I tanned. I was always olive-y, never pale. Then I moved to Scotland at 16 and bam! My ability to tan disappeared overnight and I can’t seem to get it back. Now I’m back on my home turf, where the weather is considerably warmer and the likelihood of no tights is considerably higher, I need to do something to change this. I used to love a bit of fake tan but now it seems like hassle – and all those stained sheets/towels/clothes, yuck… So I’ve gone back to an old friend, the Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion in Light, which should help me develop a slightly more human skintone while I learn how to tan again. I picked up the larger bottle as it’s currently half price, so it should last me into the start of summer.

Frocks and Flowers UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog Boots Beauty Haul

Smelling Sweet
This one’s a bit of a cheat, as I technically didn’t buy this; I’ve been saving my Boots points like a crazy woman and after running out of this perfume just before I left the house, I decided to splash some of them on a new scent. I’ve loved Ghost’s Sweetheart perfume for years now – it’s soft and floral and romantic, without being sickly sweet. It blends fresh notes like lemon, pineapple and spearmint with white flowers and woody tones to make a gorgeous floral fragrance that seems to sing spring to me. Best of all, the larger 50ml size is currently cheaper than the 30ml size at Boots, at just £16.50!

In the same vein, I also picked up another bottle of one of my favourite everyday scents, Soap and Glory’s Mist You Madly body spray. I like having a spray on hand during the day to freshen up, and this one fulfils all of my favourite fragrance types; it’s floral and fruity and woody at the same time, combining scents including freesia, blackcurrant, magnolia and sandalwood. It smells fun and playful and pretty, and is a bit of a handbag essential for me.

Frocks and Flowers UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog Boots Beauty Haul

Spray Something
Since discovering setting sprays a couple of years ago, I consider them to be an essential part of my makeup routine. I’ve been taking a break from them recently as I started to like a more matte look, but I couldn’t stay away for long. My spray of choice is The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist, which smells like roses and feels like it’s packed with moisturisers. A couple of quick squirts over my face in the morning helps to set my makeup and tones down any OTT powder to create a smooth, dewy base. It’s also amazing for cooling the skin in summer and refreshing makeup later on in the day.

Lip Service
I mentioned in a recent post that I was hunting for the perfect nude lipstick, and after a long search on Pinterest, I think I might have found it. Revlon’s Nude Attitude is exactly what I was looking for – a warm, creamy pale nude tone, very 60s, without looking like I’ve blanked my lips out with concealer like we did in school (don’t pretend you didn’t). I was motivated to start my search again after rewatching Lisa Eldridge’s makeup tutorial with Alexa Chung, and I very nearly bought the Rimmel lipstick she uses, but it was just too brown for me. If you’re searching for a creamy nude, with a whiter base as opposed to a brown one, I think the Revlon one might just be perfect. The formula is so comfortable to wear and although it’s described as a matte, it’s not chalky or drying, just smooth and lovely. The ‘baby Bardot’ look is back for spring!

Frocks and Flowers UK Fashion Lifestyle Blog Boots Beauty Haul

Feeling Flush
It’s also down to the aforementioned Lisa Eldridge video that I ended up on the hunt for a peach cream blusher. The one Lisa uses on Alexa is discontinued, but I found another one of her recommendations, and it’s another Revlon buy. The PhotoReady Cream Blush in Pinched is a gorgeous soft peach shade, with a hint of micro shimmer. It’s quite a sheer formula, making it ideal for a pared-back summer look, or for building up if you want a brighter shade. It’s a very soft, creamy velvety texture and I think this will be best applied with fingertips or a stippling brush.

Drawing The Line
You know what it’s like when there’s a 3 for 2 on and you only needed two things… I tend to panic and dash around, searching my mind for what I need to top up or replace, or if there was anything tucked away in my mental wishlist. I couldn’t think of anything but my beloved Supercat Fat eyeliner pen, so I snapped one up as the freebie in the 3 for 2 and will keep it stashed until the first one runs out. Which, knowing me, will be months from now and I’ll discover tomorrow morning that I really should have bought mascara or concealer instead. Oh well, at least my eyeliner will look nice!


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