So… We Bought A House!

As you may (or may not have!) noticed, there’s been something of a radio silence over on this little corner of the internet over the last couple of weeks. But with good reason, I assure you! Lack of internet at home makes it pretty difficult to get snapping and writing outfit posts, and there’s only so much you can do in a lunch hour (and when most of your clothes are in garment bags…). I digress. But the amazing happened about two weeks ago – we bought our first flat!

Crazy times indeed. It’s something I wrote about achieving at the start of this year, but even then I wasn’t totally convinced. I wasn’t sure we were up to the task of taking on the London property market, what with being first-time buyers with a not-so-massive deposit/income. But the stars aligned for us and two weeks ago, we got the keys to our first ‘real’ home together!

champagne keys

Lewis and I have been renting flats together for about five years now, so it’s not our first place as such – just the first one that we’re not paying a landlord for. The sense of being able to paint things and change things is overwhelming. I am itching to get started!!

I’ll write a proper post on the flat at some point, and share some snaps before we start decorating, but I wanted to share the reason for my hiatus (and for some seriously stroppy, cryptic tweets towards the end of April!).

We found the flat towards the middle of February, the day after we’d had an offer rejected on another place we really liked, the first offer we’d made, actually. I was in a pretty bad mood about the whole thing, but this flat looked quite nice, so I agreed to view it. We were the first in the door later that evening, and once we were inside, I couldn’t help but feel comfortable. Ten minutes later, standing on the doorstep outside, we’d established that we both were really excited about it, and without further ado, we marched into the estate agents to make an offer on the spot! I couldn’t believe we were being quite so reckless, making two offers in two days, but this place felt different. The owner’s wife wasn’t at home when we viewed so they couldn’t give us an answer on our offer immediately – cue one sleepless night and one very difficult day the next day, as we bartered and bargained to try and get them to take us on before anyone else viewed it. Luckily, our pleading paid off, our offer was accepted and the rest was history!

The whole first-time buying experience has been really eye-opening. The process ran pretty smoothly (apart from a point a week before we exchanged contracts, when the whole thing nearly fell through!), and it took less than three months all in, which was much quicker than we were expecting. We’ve been in for two weeks now and I still can’t quite believe that I’m a homeowner at just 23, especially in London(!) but I’m so pleased it’s happened, if a bit overwhelmed.

So, you can expect to see some new posts starting up on this here blog over the next few months, as we head into the world of interior decoration. We’ve got a Pinterest board ready and raring to go – let the adventure begin!

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