Our New Home – The First Look

So as you might have seen, we recently bought our first flat! After years of renting, we finally have our own place to decorate and do up as we like, which feels totally surreal. We’ve already started with a tiny bit of decorating, but before we go too far, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at our new home, before we crack out the paint cans and start ripping things out…!

The Front Room

Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Home Interior  Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Home InteriorOverall, I really like this room; it was the final room we saw when we viewed the flat, and it was the room that sold it to me. It’s huge! Seriously, this front room is the size of our living room and kitchen combined in our last rental – we’ve gone from feeling overwhelmed by clutter and too much stuff, to not having anywhere near enough to fill the space adequately. This room is the least put-together of all of the rooms, because we need to redecorate and build shelves before we can properly unpack – hence the mass of boxes in the corner…

We need to work out what we want to do with the space, but I do know that I want to brighten up the walls with a lighter cream paint – they’re currently a weird khaki-cream colour that’s not my bag, I want them to be much brighter and lighter to make the most of the space and the light in the room. I also want to change the purple alcoves – I have a tester pot of the most gorgeous deep blue chalk paint that’s itching to be opened and tried on those walls! We’re going to paint and build the shelves for the books, and we’re going to rip out that god-awful fireplace and replace it with a reclaimed Victorian cast-iron one. I want the effect in this room to be elegant and grand – the house is Victorian and I want to give it some of that glamour back. We need to buy an armchair, and I want a fabulous wooden chest as a coffee table. I can’t wait to give this room some warmth and some elegance, and make it a really homely, comfortable room.

The Bedroom

Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Home InteriorFrocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Home Interior Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Home Interior Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Home Interior

This is one of the first rooms that’s starting to take shape, but it’s definitely not all there yet. We’d only been in the flat twelve hours before Lewis ripped out one of the shoddy built-in wardrobes, making space for my (soon-to-be-ordered) dressing table. The room is so much brighter now – I can’t wait to rip out the other one! I want to get rid of the weird silk wallpaper around the fireplace too, and replace it with a wall of gorgeous soft grey. I love the reclaimed fireplace, but I’m going to paint the ugly brown tiles too, as well as eventually replacing the black carpet (complete with silver spangles…!) which is also in the hallway.

We’re going to give the other walls a fresh lick of white paint, and I’m going to create a mini gallery wall beside the window. I picked up this vintage-style mirror in Matalan last week, and I’m going to surround it with prints and painted frames, which I’ve already started on, by framing some of our prettiest anniversary and birthday cards. I want the bedroom to be cosy, relaxing and chic, but with a touch of personality about it – it’s the room where you can most be yourself, so I want it to feel that way. I’m thinking a grey and white colour scheme, with flashes of gold and touches of pink and purple to warm it up, without being too feminine. I’m already getting started, thanks to these beautiful pink peony fairy lights, and little touches like the bunny bell jar!

PS. Those black acrylic chandeliers are in every room – they will be removed as soon as is humanly possible…

The Bathroom

Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Home Interior Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Home Interior

This is a room where we’ve really made a difference already! The tiles in the bathroom were black (as are a LOT of things in this flat) and they were just dragging the room down. So over the bank holiday weekend, we got to it and painted them a bright, glossy white. They’re still not totally done but the effect is so much better; the room is brighter and it feels cleaner too. I’m itching to paint the woodwork white too, and we need to paint all of the tiles inside the shower – a big job, I think. We’re also going to get rid of that turquoise paint – my least favourite colour – and replace it with a cool, elegant mint green.

The Kitchen

Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Home Interior Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Home Interior Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Home Interior

Ah, the kitchen. AKA the most mismatched room in the entire house. The floor is brown tiles, the walls are yellow, the tiles are grey, the worktops are grey-black. The bottom set of cupboards are black, the top set are cream. Our accessories are red. ARGH MY EYES. I think it’s worth mentioning that when this house was sold to the previous owners, the entire flat was painted black, top to bottom, in every room. So they’ve done an admirable job really. But still.

We’re going to paint the walls a soft, warm cream, which will match the top cupboards and our beautiful new fridge. Then we’re going to either paint the bottom cabinets to match, or try to find some glossy cream vinyl sheets to cover them. That should mean that we can keep the grey tiles and the grey worktops (but we need to get rid of that stupid splashback!) and add in our red accessories for a cute, retro feel.

So, there’s our new flat, in all of its ‘before-the-renovation’ glory! I haven’t added in photos of the hallway, but that’s because it’s too dark – think grey walls and black carpets/woodwork. Again – we’re painting the walls cream and the woodwork white, and fitting a nice, biscuit-coloured carpet. Eventually. I’ll be updating this section of the blog as we decorate each room, so if you like a nosy and some home interior goodness, please do keep checking back!


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