Bedroom Inspiration

bedroom inspo

I am so excited to decorate the bedroom, but in reality it’s probably one of the last rooms we’ll get started on. I haven’t had a really nice bedroom since my last one at home, when I was seventeen, so I’ve had six years of dodgy rentals with scuffed off-white walls and no decorations… It’s not been fun. I have some very strong ideas on what I want this room to look like and I’m itching to get started!

I’ve been set on having a grey element to the bedroom for months, and it’s taken me almost as long to settle on the perfect grey paint. I think I’ve found it now, but bad news – I had to get it mixed at my local DIY store. Fussy, moi? This room is very similar to my living room, with an alcoved wall, but this room has a gorgeous Victorian fireplace that I really want to showcase. This wall will be painted in my dreamy grey paint, with the other three walls getting a fresh lick of white paint – the room is currently grey and white, and looks like the below, but the grey is actually silver fabric wallpaper – no ta.

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The grey and white will be our main colour scheme; the bed is grey (and I’m insisting on only white sheets), and the side tables and my dressing table are both white. I got this dressing table last week and I’m so in love, I’ve been wanting it for a long time but only now have the space for it! I am excited to make a little ‘beauty corner’ like the one in my moodboard, with a cosy chair and some sleek storage for my bits and pieces.

I want some other colours to add some life to the room, so I’ve decided on splashes of pale pink, and some metallics, a bit of copper and gold to brighten it up. I love the snap in my moodboard above with the grey walls, copper accessories and pink sheets, but I think it will be a bit more neutral than this,

I’ve chosen this lovely copper metal light fitting (from Asda of all places!) and I’m waiting on some pretty copper accessories from H&M Home for my dressing table, to tie the colour in. I’m also working on tying in the gold, by painting a wooden mirror gold (and adding some plaster gildings to make it look a bit more vintage, like the one above), displaying some wooden letters which I’ve painted, and some gold photo frames in the mini gallery wall I’m working on. I’m including cute postcards and cards that Lewis and I have sent to each other, to make a really personal display – this is the first time we can really make a space completely about us so I want to do it right!

We’re planning the wardrobe solution just now; at the moment I have what’s left of a built-in wardrobe, and Lewis has a black iron clothes rail, but we really want to fix rails to the wall and hang shelves for accessories; IKEA do a system that I think we’re going to consider. I’d love to change the carpet (currently black with silver sparkles, yeuch) for floorboards, but I don’t think it’s too practical in here – later on in the year we’ll have to rethink it and see what we would like…

There’s a lot of little fiddly jobs to do in this room, little bits of plastering and stripping wallpaper, and lots of crafting to get done, but I really feel like this room is more of a project than the others. I can’t wait to get it finished, and really enjoy having a dream bedroom for a change!


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