Recent Purchases – A Summer Style Haul

So… I may or may not have been splashing the cash a little of late. OK, I’ve been spending like I don’t have a mortgage to pay (but I know that I do, Mr Bank Manager, just in case you’re reading…) but I feel like I deserve it. I’ve been saving for my home for almost two years now, stashing away every spare penny, and it’s paid off. June was one of my hardest months financially (oh, hello there, first-month double-mortgage-payment!) and I feel like I deserve a bit of a treat. So I’ve been spending some of my hard-earned pennies adding to my summer wardrobe, and it’s ended up being quite the haul…

Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Summer Haul Forever 21 Tea Dresses

Tea Dresses
Ah, the good old tea dress. A wardrobe staple of mine circa 2008/2009, and something I’ve been drawn back to of late. I was searching for some boho floral dresses when I stumbled across this little lady in a Forever 21 flash sale, and I was so hooked that I had to order it in two of the three colours, mustard yellow and navy blue. They’re a little bit more daring than my average wardrobe choice, being quite short and boasting a plunging neck, but they’re super flattering to wear, surprisingly so. They’re a perfect little boost to my summer wardrobe and I can see them working through autumn and winter too, with ankle boots, tights and a big old knitted cardigan too. Multitasking, I like it.

Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Summer Haul H&M Floral Skirts DressesFrocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Summer Haul H&M Floral Skirts Dresses

A Little H&M Haul
A walk into town last weekend, on one of the hottest days of the year, led Lewis to ask me if I actually *had* any summer clothes, after I decided to wear a cream-and-pink breton jersey dress and was sweltering in it. This question, combined with the sweat dripping off my brow, pretty much forced me into H&M to scoop up armfuls of summer buys. Typically, I came out with 90% floral pieces, but it is summer… I chose this gorgeous little sundress, with a William Morris-style print – this honestly might be the most comfortable thing I’ve ever bought. It’s getting its debut at a barbecue next weekend but I seriously could wear this every day. I also picked up two floral cotton skirts; the blue one is a carbon copy of one that I made myself back in the day, that I had to throw out recently, and the yellow button-down one I just couldn’t leave behind. Alongside that, I picked up a basic white cropped tee – perfect for wearing with either of these skirts or with a midi for work.

Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Summer Haul H&M Slogan TeeFrocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Summer Haul H&M Floral Skirts Dresses

An Online H&M Haul
So I might have ordered some bits from H&M online too… Inevitably I found myself browsing the sale, and ended up snapping up some bits for my autumn wardrobe (yes, I thought this was a summer haul too…). I picked up a cute white slogan tee (can never resist anything remotely French) and some faux-leather shorts I tried on a few months ago but wouldn’t commit too. I can’t wear them until the autumn but the tee will be getting many outings during the summer!

Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Summer Haul ASOS Jeepers Peepers Wayfarers

Throwing Shade(s)
Pardon that pun… I never commit to sunglasses, – they annoy me and ruin my makeup, so I usually end up spending the sunny months with my face scrunched up. This summer, no more! I am foregoing the foundation this year and covering up with these beautiful shades from ASOS. Tortoiseshell wayfarers, perfect. Tortoiseshell wayfarers with gold metal detailing, better than perfect! They were half price in the amazing ASOS sale too, this literally cannot get better. I’m so excited to wear these in Amsterdam later this month and take lots of cute snaps of Lewis and I in our matchy sunglasses (he too has tortoiseshell wayfarers). Lewis is less enthused…

Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Summer Haul H&M Pink Handbag

Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Summer Haul House of Fraser Therapy Handbag

It’s not too often that I refresh my handbag collection; I tend to get one and stick with it until it falls apart. And that is exactly what happened, a fortnight ago in London Bridge in the morning rush hour. Excellent timing. So my favourite pink Accessorize bag was sadly no more; thankfully Accessorize gave me a refund for my shoddy purchase, and I started the search for a replacement. Step forward, H&M (again! I haven’t shopped there this much since I last worked there in 2011, and at least then I had staff discount!) and this pink dreamboat. I stalked it online all week, placing it in my basket twice, only for it to sell out as I typed in my card details. But I took a chance on my local suburban store and found it perched on a shelf in all its glory! Sometimes, it’s just meant to be. I’ve loved this bag in black and grey and cream and blue, and missed all of them, so I’m so pleased to have finally gotten my mitts on it, in this perfect ballerina pink.

I also bought another bag recently too; I fell in love with this ladylike kiss-lock handbag from House of Fraser months ago but couldn’t justify £45 for another black handbag. But after I spotted it half-price in the sale, I couldn’t resist. It might not be the best summer bag but for the rest of the year and beyond, it’s a perfect accessory. It’s inspired by a certain Lulu Guinness bag I’ve been lusting after forever, but at a tenth of the price!

Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Summer Haul Accessorize Purse Oyster Card Holder

Accessorize Bits
I have been whinging about getting a new purse for a few weeks now; the oilcloth Cath Kidston I got for my 21st birthday is turning three in a couple of weeks (sob!) and is looking past its best, so I’ve been on the hunt for a replacement. This very sophisticated little number from Accessorize ticked all of the boxes for me; it’s a gorgeous nude pink colour, with gold hardware – my current favourite colour combination. It’s very, very roomy, with lots of space for cash and cards (let’s ignore the fact that I always use the one debit card and almost never carry cash…) but above all, it’s just very chic. A grown-up purse for an almost-grown-up Laura. I also finally bought myself an Oyster travelcard holder, because ten months of it being in a vinyl TFL case clearly suited me just fine. I picked up this cute gold perforated number, mostly because I thought it would look nice with the pink purse and pink handbag (see? I’m obsessed).
Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Summer Haul Primark Bardot TopsFrocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Summer Haul Primark Plimsolls Trainers

Yep, that’s still a thing. It’s not often at all that I will venture to Primark anymore – especially not my local store, which is something like the seventh circle of hell. But, in need of some basics that wouldn’t cost the earth, I decided to brave it. It was almost worth it, I’d say; I picked up these two cute little Bardot-style tops to go with my new skirts and my existing midi collection, as well as jeans. I do love a multitasker, we know this. They were very cheap, about £3 each I think, and I’ll get a lot of wear out of them (I may or may not be wearing one as I type). I also picked up some cheap plimsolls, which are my go-to holiday shoe. I always buy these for our city breaks, as they’re super comfortable and it doesn’t matter if they get dirty or ruined. I chose these pretty embroidered ones, which again were £3 – Amsterdam, do your worst! I also picked up a cute new iPhone case, kudos to Primark for selling pretty, affordable cases for my near-extinct iPhone 4S, I didn’t think this was possible!

Frocks and Flowers UK Lifestyle Blog Summer Haul Urban Outfitters Lace Blouse

It wouldn’t be a Frocks & Flowers shopping haul without a little eBay purchase sneaking in there… I snapped up this beautiful Urban Outfitters lace blouse last weekend courtesy of fellow blogger Elisabeth, for the princely sum of £2. It’s so, so pretty, and will look lovely with a floral skirt, black jeans and leather skirts too. A perfect bargain buy!

So, that’s my summer style haul all wrapped up – this might be the last for a while, as I think I’ve suitably rinsed my bank account. And we’re not even two weeks into the month yet… doh.


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