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Yes, I know it’s August. But judging by my Twitter feed of late, I’m not the only one longing for chillier days, cooler colours and some cosy clothing. There’s only so many sandals and sundresses I can take! A/W is definitely my season of choice wardrobe-wise, all my favourite style staples come out to play; leopard print, faux fur, velvet, leather, trench coats, ankle boots… Perfection.

I’ve been daydreaming of my AW15 wardrobe since the start of July, and decided (for the most part) to shop cleverly in the summer sales and buy some pieces in preparation for the cooler weather. I’ve also been Pinterest-obsessed, carefully curating a board of looks that I want to emulate this autumn. Of course, the overall look is hugely sixties-inspired, with princess coats, leopard print and frills and ruffles being high on the agenda. And mostly black – most unlike me!

The six looks I’ve posted here are my favourites from my Pinterest board, which I’ve already made a start on. My ASOS leopard print coat has been a bit of a staple since I got it a few years ago, and I always look forward to pulling it out of the wardrobe come September. It’s obviously long gone from the website now, but here’s a similar one. It’s just right for livening up any outfit, from dresses to jeans and anything in between – and I’ve actually just bought this pair of leopard print boots too, for days when I want to give the coat a break. I wanted these exact boots last year but missed out – imagine my delight when I snapped them up on Depop last week!

I also picked up my first denim shirt in the ASOS sale, and while I’ve only worn it once, I can’t wait to wear this throughout winter. It’s so comfortable and so versatile – and now I won’t steal Lewis’ one anymore…! It looks perfect just worn with jeans like in the snap above, although I’m looking forward to wearing it with a leather skirt and ankle boots too. That image is also making me want a camel coat, but that’s by the by… Along with my first denim shirt, I’ve also bought my first pair of dungarees, again in one of the sales! I was searching for the perfect pair of black dungarees and Next came up trumps – when I went to buy them I found they’d been cut to half price in the sale too, it was meant to be. This is me embracing luxe lazy dressing at its best; stripey tees and dungarees are the way forward!

I had to include the image of my favourite ever Saint Laurent dress – that gorgeous little black velvet number. I actually hunted down the most amazing dupe of this dress last Christmas from Choies but I didn’t get much of a chance to wear it – something I’m rectifying this year for sure! I’m planning on wearing it with everything from my classic Chelsea boots to some black velvet platforms – along with that killer leopard coat too!

I guess the only thing missing from my wardrobe is an amazing grey coat; both of the ones here are Orla Kiely and are utter perfection, so it looks like I’m going to have to keep my eyes and elbows sharp for a sample sale soon!

Am I the only one looking forward to Autumn?!


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