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The bathroom isn’t exactly the most exciting room in the house, so it’s not exactly been at the top of my ‘to-do’ list DIY-wise. Saying that, in the two months we’ve been in the flat, it’s probably the room that’s had the most transformative treatment; when we moved in, the majority of the bathroom was covered in large, glossy black tiles, as well as glossy black woodwork. Alongside the turquoise walls (my least favourite colour!), it really didn’t have the look or the vibe I wanted, and my impatience meant we started work on it almost immediately. There was room for potential, with lovely artfully-scuffed white floorboards and a nice white porcelain sink unit, so we had high hopes that the room could be salvaged without doing anything too dramatic.

The black meant that the bathroom felt very small, very dark and very enclosed – not the airy, elegant space I was looking for. We did think about chipping off the black tiles and starting from scratch, but that seemed like a lot of work and a lot of expense, seeing as we’d likely just replace the tiles with white ones anyway. The easiest (and cheapest) solution came in the form of white, high-gloss tile paint; don’t be fooled by the ‘one coat’ emblazoned on the tin, this took us four coats to get glossy white tiles that look as if they’ve always been glossy white tiles. We’ve also spent hours painting all of the woodwork white too, although we’re not quite finished with that yet…

Frocks and Flowers UK Life and Style Blog Bathroom Inspiration Makeover interiors

Initially, we planned on white tiles, paired with mint green walls for a very elegant, spa-like feel. However, those devilish tiles have put paid to that and we’ve had to rethink; it seems no tile paint in the world is suitable for inside showers, so the shower will need to remain black and glossy for the foreseeable future. That being said, we needed to tie the black back into the room, so it didn’t look like we stopped at the shower and could no longer be bothered – so the new colour scheme is monochrome, not mint. The room is now predominantly white, after several coats of paint(!), and we’re going to tie the black back in with shelving and accessories for a chic, sleek look.

Frocks and Flowers UK Life and Style Blog Bathroom Interior Inspiration Frocks and Flowers UK Life and Style Blog Bathroom Interior Inspiration

Re the pins above, they’re all helping me pool together ideas for a Parisian-inspired monochrome look. I’m thinking about scraping out the black grout in the shower and regrouting with white for a fresher, cooler look, but I’ll actually need to look into how much work that involves…

We have a big, blank space on one of the walls (currently taken up by a tacky canvas print that the previous owners left behind) that I think we’re going to fill with two black shelves. I don’t really want to store anything useful on these shelves; I like keeping my lotions and potions hidden away discreetly in the bathroom so the shelves can be reserved for some gorgeous accessories, like these candles, ornaments, or a gold-framed print like the image above, and baskets for storing some bits and pieces. I like the idea of some small plants in black-and-white tumblers, and some pretty patterned monochrome towels – not necessarily useful, but things to pull the room together nicely. I love the idea of the black mirrors on the wall too, but it might take some real hard work sourcing those!

I’m actually more excited about the bathroom now it’s going to be so striking; I’d love every room in the house to be black and white but Lewis is looking for something more homely than the 60s loft of my dreams, so I feel like this is going to end up being my little project. Who’d have thought the bathroom could be so exciting?


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