Home Wishlist – Marks & Spencer

The best thing about owning our own home is undoubtedly choosing every aspect of its design. I have a new-found fascination with all things interiors, and whenever I have some spare cash in the piggy bank, I find my eyes wandering over to my favourite home websites for interior inspiration. Currently, my favourites are H&M Home, IKEA and good old Marks & Spencer.

We have a £100 giftcard from M&S to spend, thanks to switching our internet provider, so I’ve been keeping a keen eye on the website to see what I can snap up, and I’ve put together a little wishlist with my favourite picks below!

Marks & Spencer Home Wishlist Frocks and Flowers UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

This copper cutlery set is the dream! It’s expensive, yes – but so pretty. I strongly believe that just because something is functional, doesn’t mean that it can’t be pretty, and these knives and forks prove that – plain old stainless steel will never quite match up to this!

I love this striking vase more as an ornament than anything practical – we finally got around to fitting shelves in our living room alcoves and this would fill one of the blank spaces perfectly. It’s like a little piece of art!

My eyes were drawn to this super-pretty little decorative plaque instantly; it’s so cheap and a cute little way to brighten up a plain space and inject a bit of personality. I’d hang this in our bedroom, as I’m not sure our neighbour would appreciate the sentiment if we hung it on the front door…!

We’re all obsessed with black and marble, am I right? We’re still finishing off our monochrome bathroom, and this distressed, marble-effect candle would be a perfect addition to the shelves that we still need to put up (whoops!).

I can’t see our home being complete without the perfect collection of glassware; it’s something of an obsession if I’m honest. We have wine glasses, champagne flutes, beer tankards, shot glasses and standard glasses, but my heart (unlike my kitchen cupboards) won’t be full until I amass some crystal whisky tumblers and the perfect champagne saucers. I love these classic, simple ones and I can see them winging their way to my home very soon – I’d better buy some champagne to celebrate!

Finally, this lamp. WOW. I really want the flat to have a cool mid-century vibe, a bit like Mad Men in a Victorian building. This floor lamp is just too cool and would look amazing in my current front room and in the future front room of my dreams; all white floorboards and sloping attic ceilings. It’s more than our entire gift voucher worth but oh my. It’s love.

Do you shop at M&S for your homeware? What’s on your wishlist?


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