Blonde Ambition

So – I’ve had a bit of a transformation in the last couple of days. Et voila – I’m a blonde!

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I’ve been toying with the idea for a couple of months and finally decided to take the plunge and hit the bottle – of bleach, that is. I’d had enough of my dark hair, lovely though it was, and fancied the most dramatic of changes.

I first went blonde a couple of years ago, whilst still at university, and absolutely loved the look. However, my bank balance didn’t feel the same, and for the sake of being able to buy other stuff besides fresh highlights, I decided to take it back to brunette after a couple of months. But three years on, I have a much better job and a slightly bigger budget for personal maintenance, meaning I had no excuse to not try again.

After some substantial egging-on from my boyfriend, I booked an appointment with my local colour specialists, and excitedly began pinning my blonde hair inspiration. I was aiming for something like Mollie King, or maybe a touch darker, like Blake Lively. They recommended a couple of sessions having a full head of highlights, to gradually develop the colour and maintain my hair’s condition as much as possible. I’m always eager to keep my hair looking as nice as possible so I agreed, and stage one commenced!

After four hours in the chair, a full head of foils and a substantial helping of toner, here we are! Stage one has left me with overall dark blonde hair; the dark brown sections mix with the lighter blonde to give me a dark blonde overall effect. I’m really pleased with the shade of blonde I’ve got, it’s bright and cool, just as I wanted. The next stage will be early next month, when the rest of the brown gets lifted up to the same shade of blonde (and I’ll get my roots touched up!). I can’t wait!


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