Life Lately #1

So it’s a new month, and one with that ‘fresh start’ feeling to boot. So what better time to launch a new blog feature? I feel like I’m not personal enough with this blog and don’t really talk about life too much, so this new weekly spot will be a place to discuss my week and all of its goings-on. So without further ado…

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This week Lewis and I have been on holiday from work, so it’s been a super relaxing, indulgent week. I’ve really enjoyed treating myself and being spoiled, buying myself some beautiful flowers and tucking into my favourite cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery!

We had Lewis’s family visiting for most of the week so we got to indulge in a lot of the touristy elements of London, which is always fun (if not incredibly busy…) We celebrated our final evening with his brother and friends with cocktails aplenty in Covent Garden and unbelievable pizzas at Bianco 43 – the perfect send-off! Then, we had a lovely day with his mum exploring Greenwich, my favourite part of London.

The biggest event of this week is definitely me going blonde! It’s a big change that I’ve been deliberating for a while, and I finally took the plunge this week. You can read all about it here, and I’ll have some posts coming soon as I continue with the process. So far, so fabulous!

Potentially TMI, but I said I was getting personal… You may have seen me whinging about my sudden case of problem skin over the last six months or so (you will have, I’ve been as relentless in my moaning as my spots were in developing!) and I have tried everything to shift the sudden influx of cystic acne. The cure? As it turns out, the obvious. I changed my pill back to an old one earlier this year as I’d never had issue with it previously, and mysteriously developed the acne just afterwards. It’s only when I finally took a break from it a couple of weeks ago that I put two and two together – and after changing brand, my skin is clearing up at a miraculous rate. Classic. If you’re struggling with problem skin when you never have before, seriously, look at your contraception. The pill is amazing but it is also a real pain in the ass sometimes, to say the least.

I’ve been getting a shift on with my Autumn wardrobe – my favourite season calls for an overhaul (any excuse…)! H&M and Topshop have been my two stores of choice, with me picking up various new bits since payday last week. I’m refusing to check my bank balance until further notice. See my payday wishlist for a hint at what I’ve been buying!

It’s been an incredibly busy week but so relaxing in its own way – I don’t think I’ll be able to say the same when I’m back at work next week!


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