10 Under £10

When it comes to beauty, I definitely don’t have the budget to be splashing the cash, as much as I’d like to. Although I love the luxury that comes with high-end brands, I see them more as treat, and I love the thrill that comes with finding a new beauty staple that won’t break the bank. Just because something is low-cost, doesn’t always mean it’s low-quality – and that’s the moral of the story here, kids.

Some of these buys come from Meg’s 10 Under £10 post, which I highly advise you check out – that girl has an eye for a bargain! I took a chance on a few of these thanks to her recommendations and now wouldn’t be without them.

Frocks & Flowers UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog 10 Under £10 Budget Beauty Buys

No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter £9.95
Squeaking in at just under £10, this highlighter crayon is a desert-island essential for me. The champagne shade is super flattering and the shimmer is subtle and easily blendable, to create a soft glow in seconds. I rub this on my brow bones, cheekbones and cupid’s bow and smudge with my fingertips for a healthy complexion in seconds. I’m on maybe my sixth of this now and wouldn’t be without it!

Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush in Pinched £7.99
This is one of the buys from Meg’s post that has proved to be a makeup staple for me. It’s an essential for creating a soft flush of healthy colour, with just a hint of shimmer. ‘Pinched’ is the most perfect soft peach and always perks me up on days when my skin is looking dull and tired. I apply this with my fingertips and blend out for a dewy finish – I find this works much better than with a brush.

Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick in 38 £5.49
The search for the perfect nude lipstick is over! I’m obsessed with 60’s-style beauty and have been hunting for the dream shade of lipstick for years. This is a soft peachy nude that doesn’t wash out the complexion, and glides on for a smooth finish. It’s a creamy matte that looks good even on flaky days, and sits perfectly beside a glowing complexion and heavy eye makeup.

Frocks & Flowers UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog 10 Under £10 Budget Beauty Buys

Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter £3.20
Another gem found via Meg’s post! I wouldn’t have even dreamed of picking up anything with a name like this but it is AMAZING. This soft butter (designed for nappy rash, but who are we to judge?) is perfect for dry lips, scuffed heels and any dry or flaky patches, and sorts them out in a second. The ingredients list comprises just three things: olive oil, vanilla and chamomile oil. The best way to think of it is like Vaseline, without any of the nasty bits (Jen has a great post on the side-effects of Vaseline here). Just smother it on any dry bits and await skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom (literally).

Body Shop Facial Brush £4
My skin is definitely prone to drying out and getting a bit dull without regular exfoliation. I’ve tried a few different scrubs over the years, but nothing has done the job like this little facial brush. Three times a week, I lather up with my favourite cleansing wash and give my face a gentle going-over with this, gently scrubbing away any flaky bits and boosting circulation for a brighter, healthier complexion. Think of it like a Clarisonic, only manual and about £120 cheaper. A no brainer, really.

Johnson’s Makeup Be Gone Pampering Face Wipes £3.19
Before you cry out in horror at face wipes being on this list, they’re a great way to pre-cleanse before going all out with the balms and washes. These Johnson’s wipes have the most beautiful scent, Moonflower, which helps me to feel super-calm before bed, especially when paired with my favourite (but over budget) Body Shop camomile cleansing butter. The dream team for sweet dreams.

Simple Anti-Bacterial Bar Soap £1.49
For years, I’ve been washing my makeup brushes with baby shampoo, but have never been that pleased with the results. But in the last few months, I’ve been doing the weekly cleanse with this antibacterial soap and it has worked wonders! Within seconds, brushes are rinsed of all residue and grime, and the antibacterial formula kills any leftover germs. The sensitive formula also means its incredibly gentle and won’t cause irritation to even super-delicate skin like mine.

Frocks & Flowers UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blog 10 Under £10 Budget Beauty Buys

Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist £9.50
This is far and away my favourite setting spray; I’ve tried various other brands over the years and nothing comes close to this. It’s incredibly moisturising and smells of roses, whilst toning down any makeup mishaps or over-powdering, for a soft, dewy finish. It’s also great for cooling down on hotter days, or boosting hydration on days when your skin feels extra dry or tight.

Una Brennan Superfacialist Salicylic Acid Anti-Blemish Pore Purifying Clay Mask £9.99
Now that is a mouthful. Over the last few months, I’ve been suffering with badly blemished, angry skin, and have been searching for anything to help. This mask has been a bit of a Godsend! The thick clay is packed with salicylic acid and Dead Sea Mud to help detoxify and cleanse the skin of excess dirt and oil, and it works like a dream. It sets really tightly and you can almost feel the impurities being pulled out of your skin. Twice a week I smother my face in this and I am always amazed by the results; angry, red bumpy skin becomes soft, smooth and calm in a matter of minutes.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water £4.99
Another cleansing dream, this micellar water is the best I’ve tried. It’s incredibly gentle and works quickly and effectively to remove almost all of my makeup (except my mascara, which is seemingly like some kind of lash armour) in a flash. Again, I only use this for pre-cleansing – you should always follow up with a proper cleanser if you can.

So these are my favourite budget buys that make up my style stash – what are your favourite budget buys, and have you tried any of these products?


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