Life Lately #2

So, I’ve learned that my life isn’t eventful enough to warrant this post series being a weekly occurrence, so fortnightly it is… Luckily for you (and for me, let’s be honest), the last two weeks have been filled with a few fun things and some unexpected excitement too!

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Last week, Lewis and I were flown to Glasgow for work for a few days. One definite perk of my job is these semi-regular trips back up to our old hometown; it’s always so lovely to be back and it means we see lots of our friends without breaking the bank paying for our own flights. This time, we were up for an event for one of my clients, which was a lot of fun, but the best part of our short trip was a walk around our old area of the city, the gorgeous West End, and a cosy night in with our closest friends, tucking into a takeaway and catching up on the Bake Off. The night we got back, one of the same friends came down to London too, so we spent our Friday night on the banks of the Thames in one of our favourite pubs, huddled up under the umbrellas and watching the world go by.

The last couple of weeks at work have been totally crazy, with more than a couple of after-work events that really do take their toll. So last Sunday, Lewis and I made sure to take some time for ourselves and spent the afternoon wandering around our beautiful local park, enjoying the last of the proper summer sunshine. Amazing what a bit of sun, fabulous company and a pair of heels will do for morale!

This week has been a pretty wild one at work too – so much so that I’ve barely had time to make a note (or take a photo) of anything that’s happened! Things were already looking busy enough, when I got an email from an old colleague asking if I’d be free to work on London Fashion Week this weekend for the fabulous Fault magazine. Now, I know the blogger community is on the whole so totally *over* the whole Fashion Week thing, but I’ve worked at it on and off for four years and it’s always a total thrill for me. So I jumped at the chance, fitting in some shows after work on Friday, and spending all of Saturday trotting around Soho attending shows too. Luckily, Lewis came along and nabbed a few tickets too, so we had a great day out building both of our hobby portfolios; Lewis has never photographed a fashion show before but did an amazing job at the Palmer-Harding presentation – I’ll link to his site when they’re live. So proud 😉 We took a well-earned break via Polpo – so good, by the way – and a pit stop at the Hummingbird Bakery of course; I can never resist.

I decided to spend today at home, reporting remotely, so I could actually take some time to relax and see family too. Fashion Week is super fun but exhausting, and if you’re a person of limited patience, like myself, the endless showing-off of people who look like they’ve raided the fancy-dress box is a bit too much to cope with at times…

My plan for Sunday is overall pretty chilled. I’m hoping to see some family today, inbetween writing up show reports, and I’m also hoping to crack on with DIY in here. There are so many half-finished projects (half-painted rooms, unfinished doors) and they’re irritating me now. The plan for this next Life Lately update is to be able to show you a finished room at long last – we’ve only been living here five months….!


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